Scheduled my nclex for Aug.12th. Any suggestions!!!!!

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I graduated in Apr 09 and have made my appointment through pearsonvue here in Cali and I want some tips from those of you that have taken the test recently. How did you study? What materials worked for you? How many hours/day and days a week did you study? Did study groups work for you? Give me all the info you got. Im nervous. Thanks


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What worked for me....

My school had a three day NCLEX review course through ATI but I think ATI is crap anyway. So what I really did was use study books (Kaplan NCLEX Strategies, Kaplan NCLEX Meds, Saunders NCLEX Review Questions). Studied for two weeks straight 4/5 hours each day. Passed with 75Q. Do as many questions as you can up until the day before the test. Then take a breather and then go for the gold.... Good Luck!


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Saunders Comprehensive Review. Do as many questions as possible each day and study the rationales. Read the Prioritization book by Linda LaCharity. Relax the day before the test.


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Hi I'm also taking the NCLEX August 12....I signed up for a 3 week NCBSN review online class,I did all of their qbank and post unit tests.I'm also using exam cram CD,Saunders CD,and doing questions from the Alternative format question book.

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