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i'm in my late twenties and i haven't been in school for six years. i never finished college. i finally gave in to going back, but i honestly don't have much confidence in myself. i know i'm gonna be lost and intimidated by all the smarter kids that are YOUNGER than i! i'm not a brain.. i'm more street smart than book smart. i'm going to start next spring and i'm already worried and stressed about it because, i know it's gonna be HARD!

anyone else start in their late twenties?

is there anyone here that felt the same way and made it through?

which classes were the hardest for you?

i'm juuust starting fresh on the prereqs... it's gonna be awhile for me to finish : (

Haha shoot so I don't know if people are just plain mean here or they don't like answering questions when it comes to new people? Got no feedback so far but whatevers this site is still interesting

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Sometimes it takes awhile... Especially right now because you are in the student section so everone just started back to school :) I'm on hear a lot cause I only have two boring classes :( And don't worry they may also not have answered becasue this topic has been brought up a ton.. there are so many different ages 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's.. so no worries-it will be okay, i'm also in my late twenties and am still going :)

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I immediately got married and had babies after high school, so I didn't have my first semester of college until I was 26. I didn't think I would be smart enough to do this nursing thing because I didn't take high school seriously and barely passed, but something was pulling me toward nursing so I started pre-reqs. Amazingly I was far from the oldest in my classes and I seemed to have an edge over those straight out of high school. Yes, their brains were still in school mode and I had to get used to learning again, but I was more mature and had a goal. Many of the young ones were more concerned about the latest party at whomever's house or catching the eye of some guy. I, on the other hand, was more concerned about learning the material (not saying all youngins are like that, but we've all seen this type).

I believe that a lot of the pre-reqs will help you build confidence i yourself. I was so intimidated by my microbiology class, but I ended with one of the highest grades in the class. I had no confidence, but I proved myself wrong.

Next fall I will start my A&P's before applying to nursing school. So far the one class that was difficult for me was microbiology. Our professor had us writing a lab report every week on top of two other papers and weekly quizzes and monthly exams. It was intense, I studied my rear off and I conquered it!

You'll do the same. Have a shred of faith in yourself. You can do it!

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I was 24 years old when I completed an LPN/LVN program, and 29 years old at the time that I finished an RN program. I, too, had not had much experience with college or the realm of higher education. My background included three years of factory work and a couple of years of low-paying retail, so nothing much was intellectually stimulating.

Actually, a person in his/her late twenties is a younger student when compared to the people in their fifties who will be your classmates.

I started school at 23. Been out of school for 5 years. Yes, I was scared, now I don't know why. LOL!

It may take a semester or two for you to get into the groove, but you'll be okay.

You can do this. Don't worry about it.

You won't be the oldest either. My mom started school in her 40's. Actually, most the people in my classes are late 20's, 30's and 40's.

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I got a bachelors at age 22. I have returned back to school, finished my prereq's and just started in a nursing program, and I am 58. In my cohort of 24 students, you would be one of the youn'uns! Lol. Study hard and you will do fine, good luck!

Congratulations on going back for nursing!

I am younger than you, and I will tell you I WISH I had your brain! Please don't feel scared.

I made best friends with a 37 year old. I love her to death, we studied every night together. She unfortunately had to make a few personal decisions and is repeating a semester so we aren't around each other as much but having her age and experience made the world of a difference in critical thinking. I learned a lot from her and call her my "crystal ball" because she can so perfectly predict situational outcomes based on real personal experience.

YOU my friend have the cards in your favor, now teach us a lesson! :)

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