are you scared you won't make it??

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Are any of you scared you won't be able to make it through school? i start my pre-reqs in september and am so happy and scared about it! I am 36 haven't been in school since 10th grade ( got my high school equivalency diploma later), I went to cosmetology school and passed boards with good grades and recently took a dental assisting course and got the highest grade out of my class, but looking at 4 years of school laid out in front of me is intimidating!! I want to do this but am so scared of investing time money and going in debt and then not being able to get to the goal!! how many of you are in the same boat? :rolleyes:



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Scared to death. I am 34 yo, 2 kids,take care of my mom, and my husband was laid off from work 2 weeks ago. I have quit my job, thus no income. I have my prereq's all done so all I have left is the nursing courses. I don't think I am as much scared as I am wanting to just get on with this. September seems so far away, plus I really wish I could take those classes over the summertime. It would cut down the length of time.

I decided I cannot and will not fail at this. I have climbed over to many obstacles to get to this point.

So, chin up, take one day at a time, and remember the bb. There are a lot of great people out there who have been in the same situations and can help. Berta


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I'm more concerned that I'll get through school, get into the field, and HATE it. I will have wasted all that time and energy, and gotten nowhere.

School doesn't intimidate me. Not knowing whether it's the career for me or not - that's what concerns me.


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If you think you can do it... you're right! If you think you can't, you're right :)

I tell people ALL the time - if I can make it - ANYONE can! I'd lost my job and knew I couldn't afford NOT to go back to school and do something. My instructor told us on Day #1 - "The desire is half the battle". I'm a single mom, with only $230 a month child support as income - except for those wonderful grant refunds. I made it without help from anyone. I wasn't eligible for public assistance (foodstamps) because of the fact I chose to go to school FT instead of work and because I have a 1997 vehicle (that rarely runs) - but they said that put me over the line. I've come to the conclusion gov't programs are for people who aren't trying to better themselves. But I digress......

My parents did pay a lightbill for me once, but that wasn't so horrible. I'm not saying it was easy. It wasn't - but it's worth it. Now I'm just waiting to take NCLEX so I can go to work and once again be a productive member of society.

So don't give up......

Good luck :)


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That would include me. I am afraid I won't make it and also will hate it. Hopefully we will all do very well and know that we made the right decision.

Good luck to everyone!

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I remember going all the way through 2 years of pre-req's, finally being accepted into the nursing program, getting through the first 4 weeks of classes....and then putting on that white uniform for my first day of clinicals and feeling like a total fraud. I almost quit then and there! Thank God the rational part of my brain spoke up and demanded to know "If not nursing.....WHAT?" I was a welfare mom who had gotten all kinds of special breaks and extra funds for my schooling (I had a great caseworker), and if I'd given in to my sudden urge to run out the door, God only knows what would have happened to all of us.

Eight years later, I can only say that I'm glad I stuck with it. There are days, of course, when I seriously wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place, but then I'll get a hug or a "thank you" from a patient, or solve what seemed to be an intractable problem, and I know it's worth all the blood, sweat and tears.:)


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Berta- thanks i will definately remember chin up and will try and keep the faith!

Tilleycs- that is one of my great fears, all the time and money down the drain because its not a good fit! I think i am making the right decision but .....?!

shelleybelle- good for you!! You should be very proud of yourself! I hope that I get to the point where i am on here talking to the newbies about how scary it was and how great it is once i have made it!

studentdeb- i hope your right and we all do well, and decide once we get there that it is the best decision for all of us!

mjlrn97- LOL i could see myself doing that exact same thing!! I will remember to wear my cement shoes the first day of clinicals, that ought to slow me down!!!

good luck to all of us!:kiss



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Hi: I have felt this way so many times, the most devastating was getting a "C" in a psych class last semester, brought down the nice 3.75 GPA I had the semester before. Also, having an anatomy teacher from hell made me feel about an inch tall. Some days are so overwhelming, the amount of information a person has to digest. I have walked out of school crying and swearing to my my friends that I wouldn't go back. what keeps me going? The thought of not finishing and still having to pay back student loans!!!!!!!! Chin up! we're gonna do it!!!!!!!!! :):p :


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I feel the same way. I'm also a dental assistant and I think I got into that to avoid going back to school, I used it as a cruch. I dropped out of a GOOD college back in 97 (the year I was suppose to graduate) because I realized what I was working towards wasn't what I wanted...I did feel like a fraud!

Now I feel much better about the whole thing, I'm scared but much more confident that I'm doing what I always wanted to do.

Good luck to you, if you start to fall down, you can always come here and someone will lift you up!!


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Nursing is a conscious, well thought through career change for me. I realized that is what I want to do. I have 2 kids and no room for mistake. I want to be able to give them what I want to give them and at the same time to LOVE my job. That is why I WILL make it. Even if it means, studuing every free second, drinking coffee instead of eating, sleep 5 hours a day and yes, even at the expense of sometimes not spending time with my kids.


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I am not in school yet but you guys are so special i love reading here it lets me know I am supposed to be a nurse and I am going to do it. I don't care what costs it will take.


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I too worry that I won't make it! I have two small kids and don't have the time or money to waste going to school and then not reaching my goal! But I have read some very encouraging post from people who have been in the same boat we are and they all have made it! Just keep your dream in mind and believe in yourself!

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