Saunders I ready...pls. HELP.....


well im taking my test SOON....less than 1 weeks...i try taking the "saunders" of 85 Question!

well my percent is 60-69 percent...which is atleast 31 question wrong out of 85....Do you guys think i need more time studying??? and reschedule my test...


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Well...I asked a question yesterday about that and they said an average of 75%. I think you should do more than just that one test...try some of the 100 question tests (on the cd) and see if you are still low. In the end it's up to you with what you do. I'm currently almost to 70% but I haven't even gotten my test date and am probably at least a month away.


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yeah i did the one on the CD...the 100 quiz question..i just stop n 85 question. to see how many percent i get...which is 60-69 percent....arggghhh im taking my test soon..i dont know if i should reschedule it....


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You shouldn't reschedule unless you are certain that you aren't prepared. If you do put it off, only do it this once. Good luck.


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i feel like im ready...but just wondering if getting 60-69 percent of the test...out of 85 not a good score and i should study more...any one ever had this percent and passed the nclex?


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I failed and I was getting 70-80% on Saunders. I was also really tired for my exam and wasn't prepared mentally. But I have two friends who wrote the exam and they are good test takers and they also failed. I wrote 145 and they both wrote the whole exam. If it helps we are from Canada, I write in 2 weeks, and I'm using a variety of books and so far the KAPLAN questions I am doing horrible. Iv also been nursing for a year I graduated last year and have never failed anything in my life. I'm so nervous. I would recommend using a variety of sources saunders seams easier in my opinion.

There is so much to know!

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