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I am finally ready to begin studying for NCELX. I have the Saunder's 4th edition (blue cover) and I just finished the 75 question assessment. I got an overall score of 76% with 57 out of 75 question correct. My weakest subjects were Pediatrics 70% and nursing sciences 62% :uhoh3: Ok so now I have this 6 week study calendar from Saunder's and I am hoping that along with a review on Fluids and Electrolytes, (got a separate book for that area) which is an area I feel a little weak in that I should O.K to test in 6 weeks.

Did anyone or is anyone using the calendar to study? Also does anyone have any recommendations just in case I'm missing a critical piece of this NCLEX puzzle?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm also starting out with the Saunders study plan. My original plan was to study an hour per day but that is a LOT to cover if I finish this book in 6 weeks. I figure I'll either need to study more each day or adjust the time frame so I can finish it while keeping at an hour a day. I will most likely give up the scheduled two day breaks. I've been out of school a long time so I figure I'll need at least two rounds with Saunders.

In addition to Saunders I also got the book on delegation/prioritization and Kaplan 2010. I'll most likely end up getting some version of Kaplan online too but I'm not sure what (qbank at least).


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Any study plan should be useful if followed diligently. Give yourself from one to three months and do as many questions as possible and take time to study the rationales. You should do well. Good luck.

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i have the saunders study book as well...i took the test got the calendar but felt that i needed to take myself through every chapter and every word despite my test scores...i may go back and supplement with the study calendar and zone in on those areas..but in the end i am going through every section...


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Did your calendar not include every chapter? I of course only know my own and it covered chapters 6-76 (1-5 is just test strategy and using the book). My final score wasn't very good (66%) but even the sections I did well on are included for study on the calendar.

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