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I just ordered this book online to help me review for my HESI exam. Anyone have any feedback on this book. Thanks in advance.

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I love Saunders books but I felt that the HESI study guide/cd was more difficult. Do you have the HESI book also? Good luck!

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i am no longer a student but an active rn. i use this book as a reference and like the way it is set up and organized. it very nicely and concisely lists symptoms of various diseases and the seriousness of the occurrence of these symptoms along with the treatment and priority of nursing interventions. the strategy for answering nclex style (application type) questions is in chapter 5 of the book. read it over several times if you do not understand these 7 pages at first reading because what is being said in them is extremely important. you need to know the nursing process in answering these questions and that is not covered as in-depth in the book. the cd that comes with it has a lot of errors in the answers, but the reasoning of the answers, if you use the study mode is correct, just some of the answers are obviously wrong. many students on the nclex forum have been complaining about this.

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but are we discussing the lime green Saunders book, or the blue one. I've heard better things about the blue one, it gives more of a review with the questions rather than just lots of questions. Just curious, sorry to interupt, I'm new here:sofahider

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Your local library has a ton of NCLEX review books. Use them for free.

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I used Sauders for LPN NCLEX and will be using it for RN as well. I like the test taking strategies that it gives, and the CD is great to pop in and do a few questions a day.


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I ordered the blue one so we shall see. Thanks for all the feedback.


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I just ordered this book online to help me review for my HESI exam. Anyone have any feedback on this book. Thanks in advance.

I use the blue saunders book to study for every test, it really helps me. I do all the questions on the subject matter we are being tested on. I studied a little for the HESI pharmacology test we just had this week from the Saunders pharm questions and I did really well.

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