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Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan for nclex rn review


hi everyone..

Im preparing for my nclex rn, Now, Im stuck between this two books Mary ann Hogan comprehensive nclex rn and Saunders 5th edi. Any advices on which one will you prefer on passing this exam.. thanks

I used Saunders and Lippincott. Never heard of the other one you mentioned. I believe if you practice practice practice those NCLEX questions from whatever book you decide to go with, the better your chances at passing. good luck!!!

i think ur right. practice, practice and more practice is the key to pass the exam.. I've started reading many books but when i answer drills I realized only small portion of what I studied left in my memory. By the way did you took nclex rn yet?

Yes, back in August. Passed the first time. I used nclex questions throughout nursing school to prepare me for tests. Did your school offer you an NCLEX course before you graduated?

No! because I graduated from Philippines- so my school offered review for local nursing board of Philippines only and preparing/reviewing for Nclex-rn would be personal option. Have u enroll to any review centers or just the 2 books you have mention?

umcRN, BSN, RN

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Loved Mary Anns book but maybe im biased because she was my professor and we went through her review book with her

@ umcRN- have you taken ur nclex rn yet?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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I never heard of the Hogan one. I used Saunders and Kaplan--passed the test in 75 on the first try.

umcRN, BSN, RN

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@ umcRN- have you taken ur nclex rn yet?
2.5 years ago. Passed with 75 first time around. I also used Saunder's for questions but Hogan for my core review.

woww congrats on passing nclex rn, when did you took d test.. any tips?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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Took it a few years ago.

Do lots of practice questions and don't expect to know everything in detail. They put a lot of questions on that test about topics that I will swear with hand on Bible we never/rarely covered in school, so it came down to applying what I did know to make the best guess. Must have worked.

how long did you prepare for the exam? how many questions you answered everyday?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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About 2 months, and far too many questions to count. I didn't do it every day though--I'd give myself a rest day every 2-3 days so I didn't burn out. Also, the day before the test I did not do any studying because I wanted to relax and rest.

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I liked Saunders a lot! I thought the review questions were really good, and the outlines are great for reviewing weak areas.

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mamuhmiarn ... i used nclex questions throughout nursing school to prepare me for tests...


you mean, you referred to nclex questions to prepare for your school tests? :)

that's a nice idea.

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The KAPLAN NCLEX test book helped me tremendously...and it was a very quick read.

Even my nursing school grades went up after this because I learned how to think through most questions.

I do not think I went through the thousands of questions they say to.

But one thing that I did do...is I would make notes of the ones I got wrong...becasue I knew I would never have enough time to go back through all the info...

And then the last few days I studied before the test...I just looked at my notes to review the things I kept forgeting.

I just kept answering questions until I started consistantly getting them right then moved on to the next section.

Passed with 76 questions I believe, 1st try.

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i used saunders and i love the book. I read it twice before i took my test but not the only book that i used, it was easy for me to understand my content with it. i would love to recommend the book to any one taking nclex.

goodluck in your decision.