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  1. MamuhmiaRN

    What advice would you give me?

    I applaud you for having a goal. But have you looked into job prospects and salary for an LPN in your area? Would the investment into this program be equal to what you would earn and how long it would take to repay any loans you would have to take out? That is an extremely large sum of money for school. My ADN was not even half that amount. I understand the goal to be a nurse by 40, but please be very careful about investing that type of money before you do. Maybe change the goal to nurse by 45? That way you could take some general courses you may need for the future while you wait to get into another more cost-friendly program?Good luck in whatever you choose!
  2. MamuhmiaRN

    hourly rounding

    We are required to do hourly rounding at the hospital I work at. If a patient is sleeping, we do not wake them up, we will just chart something like: "Pt in bed, eyes closed. Respirations even, unlabored...." We have to check "yes" that we rounded every hour in the computer, but we only have to write something in every other hour. Its not so bad, and it's supposed to cut down on call lights. But, never fails, there is always that pt that a few minutes after leaving their room, then they decide they need something and press the call light :)
  3. MamuhmiaRN

    My report....really is bad!

    I know exactly what you mean! I graduated June 2011, and started on the floor in November 2011. We have to give a report to our clinical coordinator after the first few hours of our shift, and then again at the end of our shift to the oncoming nurses. I always think my reports aren't as thorough as they should be. It is hard to remember everything, so I do try to jot down any new info in a different colored ink on my report sheet to remind me of details to pass along. But I am a work in progress....some days I feel like it's coming together, and other days I feel like it's my first day again! Just hang in there and keep plugging away....you're probably doing better than you think!
  4. MamuhmiaRN

    Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan for nclex rn review

    Yes, back in August. Passed the first time. I used nclex questions throughout nursing school to prepare me for tests. Did your school offer you an NCLEX course before you graduated?
  5. MamuhmiaRN

    Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan for nclex rn review

    I used Saunders and Lippincott. Never heard of the other one you mentioned. I believe if you practice practice practice those NCLEX questions from whatever book you decide to go with, the better your chances at passing. good luck!!!
  6. MamuhmiaRN

    orientation 8hr shifts / 5 days a week

    Congratulations on the new job! Sounds like a very organized orientation. I am also a new grad, and i started orientation back in mid-August . Mine is 8 hrs 5 days a week, but I never know what floor, preceptor, or patients I will have until I show up. I wish my orientation was more like yours! I also have been hired into a telemetry unit, and the meds I seem to see the most(when i am on my homebase floor)are: metoprolol, coreg, solu-medrol IVP, cardizem drips, heparin drips, HTN meds and blood or platelet thinners. Also always being aware of INR, PT, PTT, and labs. But this is from about 2 months of experience, so I don't have much else to go on! :) Good luck to you! Sounds like your employer wants you to succeed!
  7. MamuhmiaRN

    how much orientation did you receive as a new grad?

    About 2 1/2 weeks of classes on policies and procedures, and then 6 weeks floating in 3 different units, and then 4 weeks on my home base floor. I really feel like they try to set us up for success in my hospital. Reading some of the other stories on this board really makes me appreciate where I work.
  8. MamuhmiaRN

    General Rant.

    Wooh, thank you for your post. As a new grad, it's nice to get some perspective of what veteran nurses may be wanting to observe from newbies. My skills may come along slowly but surely, but I really love knowing why I am doing the things for a patient to give them the best care I possibly can.
  9. MamuhmiaRN

    starting wage for RN??

    Hi, new grad here also! I started orientation last week, and new grad RN's here (about an hour west of Cleveland) start off at $24.19 base rate.