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Hey guys could u share some tips on answering SATA questions??? and what resources can i find sata exercises? what topics are common involved with this type of questions? Thanks!!!

One of the best tips I have read is to read each answer and consider it separately. Yes or no, for that one choice. So, yes for a; no for b, no, for c, no, for d. Don't confuse yourself by trying to look at a, b, c, and d at the same time. Pretend the other 3 choices aren't there as you ponder the choices one at a time.

ya,,,thats true,,,also the way i do it is eliminate the ones im sure is wrong and then apply maslows or abcs,,if possible....hope this helps,,,and the truth is i am really poor in these,,,,but these are the only things we can do,,,mostly they are from endocrinology,,,so study the signs and symptoms of the hypo and hyper conditions,,,try to compare and study,,,like imagine someone whos thin u knw has hyperthyroidism and someone else whos plump as an example of someone who has hypo...hope this helps...

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is it true that if you are getting SATA's on the NCLEX exam you are doing good and you have the possibility to pass the test?

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NO, it means nothing. SATA is just another style of questions. We have had members both pass and fail with lots or no SATA

I tackled SATA as TRUE or FALSE questions. I read the question and read the option to select and asked myself... True or False? This helped make the SATA questions less intimidating to me. On the actual NCLEX-RN, I breezed through the SATA...

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