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Bubbles7 said:

Hi everyone ! I was a provisional admit for fall but no one dropped so I got into Spring 2024 & so far only 3 ppl who has this admit have access to everything for Spring was wondering if anyone got an email saying they are admitted yet for sac  ?

so far it's a lot of log ins we have but if u are admitted you have to get our CPR done, physical, flu shot, Covid shots ( some hospitals require the booster )

I haven't heard anything back yet. Actually starting to get frustrated over it as applying for loans, scholarships, etc many want to know when you will be attending. I told myself that I would not reach out and bug them for a timeline until after Labor Day. Well, that time is here and I plan to send a very polite email this week to get an update on the application process. We'll see if I hear anything back. Honestly, I have a hard time understanding why it would take this long to receive ANY updates other than "we received your application." Has anyone else heard anything?


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since I was waitlisted for fall this is the letter I got last week for the Spring , so far onlt 3 ppl are in for Spring so only 45 spots left. They are making us do a lot of stuff done and it's really confusing. Also ppl who started last week for fall already have an exam on week 2.



Congratulations! On behalf of the President, faculty and staff, I am pleased to offer you admission to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Samuel Merritt University. At Samuel Merritt University, we seek students who believe that the quality of healthcare matters—who also believe that they can make a difference in the world around them by becoming highly skilled and caring healthcare providers. We believe that you embody those characteristics and we would like you to join us.

To accept or decline this offer of admission, submit your Letter of Intent. During that process, you will be directed to SMU Records and Finance (SMURF) to pay your $350.00 non-refundable tuition deposit by credit card.

You must use your SMU credentials to access SMURF. Your SMU credentials will be sent to you from "SMU Technology Services"as the sender account. Make sure to also check your spam folder to locate this email. There will not be a balance due indicated for your deposit. You may simply manually enter your deposit amount and program start term to submit your payment. 

The Letter of Intent and tuition deposit is due by 9/12/23. Once you have submitted your deposit, you will receive additional information to guide you through the enrollment process.

As an admitted student, you now have an active login for SMU online resources. If you are a first-time SMU student, you will receive access instructions via email shortly after receipt of this admission letter.  Returning s



here's another email they sent me 



Congratulations on your admission to Sacramento's Spring 2024 Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program!


Here are some important next steps and information to remember:


·         First day of classes is scheduled to be on January 2nd, 2024.

·          You will be receiving 3 emails by tomorrow afternoon from Samuel Merritt University – Admission Letter, SMU Portal Access & SMU Credentials. Please ensure that you read the emails fully and follow the directions for next steps in each email.


·         ABSN-Spring 2024 Deposit Due: 09/12/2023

  $350 non-refundable fee- You need to enter the amount and pay.


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Hello everyone! 


I just got accepted for Spring 2024 for the Sacramento campus 😊


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Leen09 said:

Hello everyone! 


I just got accepted for Spring 2024 for the Sacramento campus 😊

Hi! I did too!! Congrats

Hi all! I got accepted into San Mateo! Congrats to those who also got accepted! 🙂


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hi everyone I can't wait to meet u all at orientation! 

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I also got it! But I couldn't find the deadline for deposit the decision? 


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Hey everybody. I got my acceptance email this morning for Sacramento as well! Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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Yayy! Congrats all! Are we allowed to share phone numbers here ?


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I'm waitlisted at #5 for Sacramento! Wish me luck guys 🤞


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hi I was waitlisted for fall 6/20 but I ended up getting provisional admin to Spring , 

you for sure will get in for Spring or they will let u in for Summer! So don't worry you got a for sure spot congrats!

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