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hello everyone,

I am in the process of doing a poster presenation on the adoption rights of same-sex couples, and would appreciate any info you may have.

research wise, any article or great web site that cites acedemic research supporting or against same sex parents would be of great use to me.

Also if your canadian (esp. Ontario) and info in the legal defination of family, gay legal rights of spouse/parents, or web sites on this issue would be golden.

Thank you all so much. Email articles if you have them to [email protected] (no acrobat format plz, cant take it)


PS feel free to state your opinions here on this hot topic.


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Not a "hot topic". If you love kids and can provide for them (in all ways, not just $$$); more power to you. Straight, gay, married, single, black, white, whatever....people who can love are needed by a whole lot of kids who have had very little love or none at all.


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I "ditto" what "GOMER" posted.

Good luck with your project.



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Same here.

Take care and good luck for your presentation, Renee


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My partner is currently having Intrauterine Insemination procedures w/ donated anonymous sperm and if she gets preggers I plan on adopting the child as well so I can also be legal guardian. We plan on speaking to a lawyer soon about this.

I can keep you posted on the process if you want. Oh I am also female!


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Well said Gomer.

I am in favor of same sex adoption rights. I'm also in favor of same sex legal marriages. Any one else?


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I can't wait for the day when same sex marriage is legal. If I'm still alive. As it is, my partner and I have to make all kinds of provisions so that we are recognized as each other's next of kin, but we still are unable to carry each other on our health insurance, and all the other things that married people take for granted.

To me, its crazy all the hoopla about same-sex adoption. Have you ever gone to adoption sites? (I have, as we're thinking about expanding our family sometime soon, and haven't decided on methodology yet) Pages and pages and pages of kids taken from their homes for neglect/abuse, kids with major behavioral problems, kids with cognitive deficits, kids exposed to alcohol and drugs in utero, kids with major medical issues...... if anyone can take a child into their home and make a difference in their life.... I don't care if they are from freaking Mars. It takes a great person to do that, and greatness is not measured by the sex of your partner.


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I absolutely support same sex marriages and adoptions ! Let's close our eyes and envision a bright and positive future where a subject like this isn't even an issue of concern anymore. People will be accepted for who they are and we will come together and make a difference. We will respect eachother and celebrate our humanity.


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If it will provide even ONE child with a stable home, I am all for it.


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What about these same sex marriages?

Take your honeymoon beforehand and travel to the Netherlands, get married there and honeymoon on!!

(I know it won't be recognized, but hey it is a beginning isn't it?)

take care and don't give up on loving, Renee


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Seems like I am in the minority here, but I have to say that I don't agree with same sex couples adopting children.

We can get into deep debate about the "rights" of all people, but I base my opinion on my religion.

God didn't design us to live together sexually with the same gender. If that was His plan, I'm certain these couples would have been given the ability to reproduce together.

I'm sure I have nothing to say on this topic that most same sex couples haven't already heard, so I won't offer any further arguement.

Please understand that I am not judging anyone for their lifestyle. I recognize that we are all sinners, and I am guilty of other sins everyday... I am simply telling you that my Lord didn't design His people to live this way...


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