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Well, I pull into the staff parking lot this morning, to be greeted by a co-worker from a different floor, telling me that a 15 y/o young man that has been battling a brain tumor for sometime was currently in the ER being coded. Grabbed my stuff and ran be told by another co-worker that they had been working on this kid since 0330. He was pronounced at 0700.....and although the family was great (we just saw the kid in our Ambulatory Surg unit about 3-4 months ago for eye surgery) it was sad to loose a life at such a young age. The only consolation is that he is no longer suffering and I was able to lend support to some coworkers in desperate need of a hug. Helluva way to start the day off......especially as it's graduation day here at West Point, which should have been a joyful day full of pomp, ceremony and well as plenty of business in the ER.....*sigh* but It was a good thing because it reminded me of exactly why I became a nurse.....even though it hurt to be reminded.


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So sorry to hear about this Untamed Spirit. Your compassion and caring comes shining through. When teens and young children pass away it is very hard to handle. I hope that you can take some time to take care of yourself as well.




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Thanks thing I have learned over the years is that I can not take care of others if I do not take care of myself.....consider it a done deal on my part.

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That is truely sad.



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That is so sad and although I'm not a nurse yet I think that is going to be the hardest part for me.. You did what you could and your right about him no longer suffering. When my aunt died of cancer I just kept telling myself she's in a better place now----same here!!!!!!


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You made someones day more tolerable, just by being you. :kiss


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Life can be so sad. As nurses, we are privileged to care for & support our patients through the most difficult time of their lives. We experience, on a daily basis, both joy and grief. All we can do is the best we can do. Doctors can do only so much. Nurses can do only so much. The patients can do only so much. Treatments can do only so much. Patient's bodies can do only so much. Then it is truly in God's hands.


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I want to thank you all for being so supportive.hugz.gif I found out today that this brave young man had been suffering for a year with this diagnosis. He lived long enough to participate in a fund raising event for research for children with the type of cancer that he had. So it was touching to know that even in his last months, he was thinking of others. The frosting on the cake that really brought the tears on was that I heard from the mother of a young lady that I was privileged to care for 2 years ago. She was also a cancer pt and was so brave and patient. The mother was looking for someone else and when she found out it was me, relayed her heart felt thanks for the care and comfort that I provided for her daughter. And then she told me some things that the girl had said about me :) :imbar and then she said the tear jerker: You and your co-workers will always hold a special place in my heart and that of Alaina (the deceased). I tell everyone that we meet that you are our angels and what wonderful jobs you all do. I was cryin my eyes out. A wake up call back to earth....letting me know when I really needed it, that I can and do make a difference. It helped to ease the pain from earlier. I am privileged to be counted among the ranks of such wonderful, caring professionals and friends like you!

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