Rural nurses... Advice please. Why am I paying for my BSN (maybe a rant)


I have an ADN and I work in rural home health in Louisiana and I make $28/hr+.45 a mile. I was offered a job at a hospital in Shreveport for $23/hr. and from what I am hearing that is about the going rate. They do offer that tuition reimbursement but told me that the BSN pays no more per hour than the ADN. I do not like 12 hour shifts, so I would like to stay in home health so I am wondering if this is worth it? I am going to school now busting my rump and it cost $4200 per semester. My job will not pay for it, nor will they give me a raise for it. Everyone I work with who has their BSN says they wish they hadn't taken out loans for it (which I haven't) and the head of the company has her ADN and makes 6 figures. Idk. I just need some advice really. Its SO expensive. I keep hearing if I want a job in administration then I need it or my MSN... What is administration exactly? My boss has only an ADN. Most of the higher ups at my company (which is very large serving 2 states) has only an ADN. I don't want to pay all this money getting my masters to become a nursing instructor making only $40K per year. I work with a nursing instructor at a great college who works with us part time to make ends meet. Why am I doing this if it isn't going to pay? Is the BSN mainly an urban requirement? It was drilled in our heads that we need our BSN and then I get out and nobody of high rank in this area has one. Can someone clue me in? This tuition is killing me.

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I feel the same way about my BSN. I don't want to work anywhere else at the time except bedside. I don't see why the heck I need a BSN. I'm in the BSN program now and it really is a wast of time and money IMO. Maybe I'm just annoyed with school right now. I'm sure it'll pay off in the long run though.


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I wonder if it's just that area? I went to school in Louisiana(latech) and a lot of the nurses I worked with were adn. But I relocated and around here, you are expected to get your bsn as a requirement to

Keep your job. Some hospitals won't even hire you here without the bsn.


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It is becoming a requirement by some accrediting agencies, especially Magnet, that a certain percentage of nurses have their BSN by 2020. That is why you are seeing it as a requirement anymore. Our hospital is mandating you have to start your BSN or get a certification within the next three years. It will be required for hospital nursing eventually, you will probably have to sign a contract stating you will enroll in a BSN program in so many years if you are hired with an ADN. It will also be required for hospital administration I would imagine. However if this is not the path you are seeing yourself take, it may not be beneficial to you. That is how I feel about getting a Master's - I would make the same or less money for more responsibility, less flexibility and more debt.

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Unless you have a crystal ball or really great Tarot card reader, you have not idea of what the future holds. You certainly don't want to get in a bind - finding out that the job you want requires a BSN..... and kicking yourself "Darn! I could have had it by now if I had just continued that program!!" You've come this far, keep on plugging to the end.

I didn't get the BSN for advancement although it has opened doors. I got it because I thought I should have a bachelor's degree to call myself a "highly educated professional." And to be one.

I am a beside nurse. By choice.

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I'm only getting my RN> BSN so that I can pursue a higher degree from there. That's the only reason.


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I agree with GUTTERCAT. I want a BSN because I want a higher degree. At a time, I felt differently.

Having a degree is 'standard' where I grew up but, the truth is, this nursing (or, rather, the healthcare facilities) is just plain turning me off. I'm not some anti-intellectualist. I just don't like the way things seem to 'operate' in this field.

'Attend some RN-BSN at your own risk. Come out earning the same as before, this time - with more debt!'

These people are nuts. If it's not for career progression, there is no point in me doing it at all.


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I am attending a top University. The course work is simply busy work. Nothing more. Discussion post after discussion post that I can BS my way to an A. I am not learning anything imo... Or maybe I am and I'm to ignorant to know it? What is so intellectual about a Bachelor's I do not yet know. Maybe one day I will. Hopefully it will be worth this $15,000 I am tossing at it. I am just wondering WHERE these jobs are? If I don't want to be a NP (and I do NOT)... and I don't want to take a pay cut to work at the hospital then what good will this do me? Nursing instructors make diddly around here and administration makes no more than a bedside nurse. Where are these nurses that make $70K per year? What happens when I do need it in ten years, but then they up the ante and you need a master's? Or even further they will require a PhD? When does it end??? Errrr. I just feel like I could be buying a home or a new car or something instead of spending my hard earned cash on this. I am not meaning to offend at all. Just been doing some "critical thinking".


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My hospital pays an additional $1 per hour for BSN. We are union. I guess that means my school payback will take about 7 years but I think that it opens doors in areas that otherwise you may not qualify for. Like changing from floor nursing to something completely different- having your BSN makes them think you have a higher level of research and writing skills.