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Is anyone here doing their LVN/LPN so they can bridge to an ADN program/BSN program? I have been doing my research for the past 9 months and need some help. I have looked into WCU's BSN program (no prerequisites needed technically since they are included for a very hefty sticker price), and other LVN programs. I'm unsure if I should do LVN > ADN > BSN or go to WCU straight for their BSN program. I am older and need to get this done, and don't have the time to take my time... I would love any advice/experience from those who are kind of going through the same thing.


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I'm bridging... But my lpn program is 10 months and then I could get my 2yr RN in 2 semesters or BSN which I am doing in 4 semester faster if u do summer classes. Also I did my lpn program becauset


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Because getting into the programs are a lot easier


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Do you already have prerequisites done for your bridge program? I have none done as it's been years since I was in college and am concerned about that... OP where are you located? I know SoCal is super impacted so I'm unsure about the route to take as well.


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I'm starting an LPN program next month. It is a 10 month program. After I graduate, my goal is to work as an LPN and bridge to RN while working, so I want to go to school part-time. I have a family and I need to get into the work force as soon as I can, so that's why I chose LPN first.


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It depends on your state, you may want to check. I am in VA and was an LPN and I wanted to do the Excelsior route, but was quickly informed that I wouldn't be able to sit for my boards (RN) if I graduated from an online school.


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I'm doing an LPN program and will be going into my RN program right after.. hopefully I'll be done with everything before I'm 28-29 or so. *sigh* Anyway, I was considering doing WCU's BSN program but the hefty price is too much for my load. If you feel you can take out the loans needed for that and be done asap with your RN program then you should do it. Just realize that WCU is full time and you can't really work unless you have a job that's super flexible and even then I wouldn't recommend it..

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I am bridging (I'm in Michigan). I was on multiple waitlists for ADN-RN and got accepted into one but decided not to attend (no nursing board accreditation, only state BON). I then decided to apply for an LPN program and was initially denied, then accepted. I have checked on a few bridge programs in Metro-Detroit and even Toledo, OH area and there are bridge seats still available for RN programs.

I believe bridging is the best way for adult students to accomplish there nursing dreams/education goals. Best Wishes Future :nurse:!

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I completed my LPN with the intention of bridging into the accelerated RN program at my local CC. However, because a BSN is my ultimate goal, it is faster for me to simply apply directly to a five-semester BSN course at a state university (ADN was one year, then a wait while I applied to the university, and then a 4 semester RN-BSN online course). Check your schools, because if admissions aren't year-round, you may not actually save any time.

Additionally, your grades may also play a role. Direct-entry BSN is fastest for me even though I'm already an LPN, but the average GPA of those accepted is around 3.9 with a very high TEAS score. However, if I had a lower GPA, I could have gone the ADN route and then done the RN to BSN at a slower rate (because the admission criteria is more lax).


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It all depends on you.

I am bridging. I am doing my LPN so I could get a feel for if this is REALLY the career choice I wanted, I did not want to waste 4 years and all that money to decide nursing wasn't for me. I am done with my LPN program on the 21st. I will be doing my ADN either next semester or next year and go to my BSN. I have time, I also want to maybe start working somewhere that will reimburse me to go back to school.

To me, the time it takes to bridge is worth it.