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we got a verbal order from a doc for a patient in April. the order has been mailed and then faxed several times. the office manager does not fax back or send it. she just says I already had faxed this, and mailed it. she was really indifferent, and rude and finally told me you have to come and pick it up!

I felt she was giving me the run around, and got really upset. . the doctor has signed the order, but she refuses to send it to us basically. Now, what I can do? it's past the being nice to her!

Also, can she legally refuse to give us the signed order? I mean she is technically doing it. I requested to talk to the doctor but she said" that is not going to happen" twice, and was very adamant about it too. I was so angry to say " I will document this and report you!" I meant to the doctor. I don't know what she has said to the doctor though.

then she threatened me that she would report me to the corporate! like I have done something wrong asking her to fax the order. I am very upset, and really want this order got back to us to close the chart.

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Have your office send the marketing staff to the MD office to obtain the paper work and work on the relationship.

Your job is to take care of the patient. Marketing takes care of the physician customers and that staff.

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I don't ever condone rudeness, but as a former office nurse there would be times when I personally had faxed/mailed orders and prescriptions for the same thing multiple times only to have them call again and again saying they never got it when i would have the fax confirmation in the chart. Very, very frustrating!


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Bring this to the attention of your DPCS or your business manager, so that they can take up the matter with the doctor.



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Thank you all for replying to my post. Actually the next day she called and talked to one of our nurses and faxed the order, and it just magically came out of the fax machine! so, the problem was solved. I do not understand why she should've been so difficult in the first place.:yeah:


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Maybe she was just having a bad day and realized she had stepped on it. Decided to fix the matter. Or she could have been on a control binge and was going to show you that she wasn't going to do anything until she was good and ready. Hope this doesn't happen all the time with her.



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First question is why didn't you have a marketer pick it up? Why harrass someone on an order from April?

Second question is are you sure there isn't something wrong with your fax machine? I know that ours is a POS and we miss things all the time. I will have stuff faxed to my house on my call weekends because I know the office fax is unreliable and at least that way I know I have it. I turn around and fax it to the office and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

It may be a PITA, she may be a rude person, but don't escalate it by arguing. Buff up your customer service skills, especially if you want to continue to receive referrals from this office. If you don't want more referrals from this doc, you found an excellent way to make that happen.