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  1. taking nclex in two weeks....help

    Kaplan I suggest too. I passed it in a flash with Kaplan course. 70 questions and I was done.
  2. Any experience and effort to gain one is considered better than none.
  3. Advice needed

    I agree, you way want to be persistent while you are learning, and then you can move on to a better place. I had experience that usually new nurses in any unit get this kind of behavior from the others, maybe they think they are better, and unfortuna...
  4. potential witness

    Thank you, that was very good advice! I'm sure I am not in trouble myself, it's just I don't know what has been the cause and where it would go. Anybody else has any thoughts on this too?
  5. potential witness

    Thank you, I will contact an attorney, but I was wondering who has any kind of experience in this matter or advice as well.
  6. potential witness

    Hello, I have a question. I got a call from an investigator from the state that asked me to call back because my name has been brought up as a witness in a charge against my employer. I have no idea all that is about now. Am I obligated to call back...
  7. Am I asking too many questions?

    I totally agree with the others on this. Ask if you must, it's the way not to make mistakes that no one can fix! Also it's the way that you learn because learning process is curious.
  8. rude office manager

    Thank you all for replying to my post. Actually the next day she called and talked to one of our nurses and faxed the order, and it just magically came out of the fax machine! so, the problem was solved. I do not understand why she should've been so ...
  9. rude office manager

    we got a verbal order from a doc for a patient in April. the order has been mailed and then faxed several times. the office manager does not fax back or send it. she just says I already had faxed this, and mailed it. she was really indifferent, and...