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Anybody know if Medical Conferences can be deducted somehow? I had one that counted for continuing ed credits.

Context: I'm a student nurse, graduating RN this year.

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Unless you incorporate as a business you can't claim conference expenses. When you're issued a receipt for registration fees, it doesn't fit the requirements of the CRA for tuition and a conference doesn't meet the definition of eligible educational programs:

Qualifying educational programThis information is used by your educational institution to prepare your tax certificate. A qualifying educational program is defined in the Income Tax Act as a program that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 10 hours of instruction or work in the program each week (not including study time). Instruction or work includes lectures, practical training, and laboratory work. It also includes research time spent on a post-graduate thesis

Good clarification, thanks man. Damn those physicians and their Professional Corporation BS.