Rough night...

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Recently had a rough night or morning I should say. Gave report on a patient shortly after 7 and when we came back around from the rest of the patients..he was deceased. Long story but I hate incidents like this.

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Lil' mama:

Yeah. Sometimes we just need to get or thoughts or feelings down on paper. Or a computer screen. It' s good catharsis. A healthy thing to do.

And, even though you know things like this do happen, it still is an unpleasant part of our work.

I commiserate.


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Sorry Li'l Mama. . . :-( Warmest cyber {{hugs}} to you. :redpinkhe

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Lil'mama I give my hugs to you!That is really hard to deal with

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((((hugs))))....rough one

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Thanks all! I just needed to get that out. He wasn't actively dying but he had a difficult night.

I had asked him the night before and the AM nurse also asked if he wanted his family member to come and sit with decrease his anxiety and he had said no both times.

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Very sad. I'm sorry.

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