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I am considering the ABSN program because I already have my bachelors, my question to the forum is has anyone from the program gone on to any type of advanced nursing degree? I know that this program is hard and graduates come out with a 4.0 which would be great for an advanced degree, I just want to make sure I don't fall into a trap in which the degree wouldn't transfer or something else catastrophic. Thank you all for helping!!


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If they are accredited I don't see why they would not be transferable.


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heatherisbetter, I am wondering the same thing? I am applying to many local nursing programs and I am looking into Roseman but am curious how it will effect my applications into grad school... Did you ever find any answers?

I am currently in the program and it is great so far! I think that it is worth it and I know people that have gone on to NP programs and CRNA programs from this school so there is no worries there.


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Does anyone know the average number of applicants and the number actually accepted? Mostly interested in the Henderson campus. Thanks!!

Hi katyc123, I know that almost all the people that applied to the SLC program got accepted. They even increased our class size to accommodate more applicants.


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@heatherisbetter.. I'm looking to Roseman and afraid of having to get 90% on all exams.. what is your take on it? Please share, I would approximate it a lot.. If accepted for Feb, I would have to move and would not want to get dropped out due to that reason. Thank you!

Hi! I am in the program that is 18 months and it has been great.. they give you a lot of opportunities to pass, so it really isn't anything to worry too much about. You get at least 4 retakes per test per their system.. I could explain it a little better if you'd like but I think you should go for it!


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I heard the 15 months only offer you 2 tries. Thank You!. I will look into the program. I still have to take my TEAS.

I am going to be honest with you.. my gpa was just barely over 3.0 and my TEAS score was mid to high 70s and I got in. I like being in school setting because I work well with other people, although I originally wanted to do the online version, I talked to many people here who advised against it and I am glad I changed my mind. The test process works as so: you all take your tests separately, then you get together in a group of 6-8 and take a group test, this gives you an additional 5% if you pass with the group, then there is a challenge section where you have the possibility to throw out questions that are not clear enough (this has REALLY saved me) and then based on the results you will know the same day if you pass with the 90% or not, many people end up with 105%+ with this system. If you do not pass you get to remediate after the weekend and some blocks have even more remediation days. It depends on the material. I think the system works.

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Hey Heather,

How did the Interview go? I am in the process of applying to the NV campus, but am really worried about the interview.


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Hey Heather,

How did the Interview go? I am in the process of applying to the NV campus, but am really worried about the interview.

I know this was not addressed to me, but I interviewed with Roseman for the nursing program in NV. You are with 2 faculty members, they ask you 4 situation based questions, and you have a short essay answering another question. All the questions were based on Ethics, professionalism and working with others and pretty straightforward.

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