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Hi Gibbygibson,

eeek $400 electric! Yikes! So Utah is still waiting for approval to start their ABSN program a term earlier? That would be great. Lets definitely stay in touch. I'm not sure if I will be ready to start in July. I want to spend some time working and save up a little money before I go! Let's definitely stay in touch. I think I will probably apply to Vegas then visit in the spring if I get in. Same for Utah I think.

Sounds good. A little more info on the UTAH anticipated July start: If you have a Nevada application in and the approval comes back from CCNE in time (they already have all of the other required approvals complete and are just waiting for CCNE) anyone with an application for Nevada can roll the app info over to UTAH. A new application won't be required. This according to ------------- as of Thursday 2/12. :-)

Good luck!

Has 7 years experience.

Good luck! I have lived in Utah for about 4 years and if you have any questions about the area just let me know. is the go-to classified site for the area so if you are looking for roommates or places to rent this is used way more than craigslist or something similar.

Hi thanks for the info. Sorry I have been offline for a spell. :-)

Hi all; I'm starting ASBN in July 15 cohort. My only concern is how far in advance do we know our schedules as I have to make arrangements ahead of time. I was told 2 weeks we should know the hours needed on campus or at sites --is this accurate?

Btw someone posted about $400 for cooling an apt, but it seems a bit much depending on the apt. Cooling a very large home in Vegas cost me that mid summer. Also I haven't had a single scorpion encounter in many years living in NW area. One friend of mine did in a subdivision near Henderson, but I think it depends on the housing complex (newer built or construction disturbing the soil and such).


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Hello I am interested in the ABSN program. I heard it has went through many changes, how has the program been like for you. My email is


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Does anyone know how long it take to get an interview after nursecas verify and sent your application? My app was sent two weeks ago from today and I haven't heard anything...does that mean I won't get an interview?


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I forgot to mention I am applying for the ABSN October cohort


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Hello everyone! Just wanted to post on here because many people have asked about attending Roseman's ABSN Progran. I just graduated from Roseman's ABSN program (in Nevada) this past June 2016, got my first job in Whittier, CA in a hospital, and passed my NCLEX first try. So YES, it is possible to get through this program and be successful!

I personally had absolutely no issues with this program. YES, it is difficult. YES, it is very fast paced. YES, you have to study countless hours. YES, it is very stressful (but what nursing program isn't?). YES, you should move to Nevada if you live out of state. BUT if this is something you truly want and can dedicate 15 months of your life to this, you will be fine. This program truly requires motivation, dedication, and being able to learn on your own, because the didactic portion is completely online. If you're the type of person who struggles with doing online courses because you are lazy and nobody pushes you, this program is probably not for you. IF YOU NEED HELP, the professors are there to help you. You just need to talk to them. They do want to help; they will make time for you if you ask for it. Not only did the textbooks and lectures help me pass my exams, but study groups with other students also helped so much. I truly wouldn't have made it without them. It really does help talking through disease processes, etc. with your classmates. We learned so much from each other. There are also other sources out there.. even YouTube! I was able to pass every block (90% or higher) without remediation.

The labs were helpful for the most part. I remember attending one particular lab for pediatrics that I personally thought was a waste of time. But either way, I tried to learn something out of it. Overall, I enjoyed lab time. If you need extra hours in the lab to practice skills, just talk to your lab professors and they can schedule you a few hours in the lab. You just need to ask.

Clinical experiences were great overall for my group, but I know other groups who had awful experiences. The clinical professor you get assigned to really does make a difference. I was very fortunate to have great professors and work with great nurses. You learn so much from clinicals! Especially in your Senior Practicum. Roseman has a great reputation with the local hospitals in Las Vegas. Many of my classmates who stayed in Las Vegas to work got hired at these hospitals!

When it comes down to NCLEX, I felt very prepared for it. This program introduces test taking strategies early on, and you learn how to apply these strategies to NCLEX questions. The exams throughout the program are NCLEX style, so you really do get used to answering these type of questions. Although ATI was not my favorite, the ATI exams also really did help. To study for the ATI Comp Predictor (exit exam), I used the ATI app and NCLEX Mastery app. To study for NCLEX, I used the Kaplan book and NCLEX Mastery App (highly recommend!!). I only reviewed material if I truly needed to, but at this point I was just practicing answering NCLEX questions.

Overall, my experience at Roseman was positive. I felt prepared for NCLEX and I feel prepared for my new job. I know I definitely still have a lot to learn, but I truly feel like I have a strong foundation to begin my nursing career. You will be learning new things for the rest of your nursing career, so don't expect to know everything. I know of a few people who had issues, but I really believe if you dedicate your time to this, you will be fine! We only lost 2 people in my cohort, but we were a very close and strong cohort. Please let me know if you have questions or need advice, I'd be happy to help! Hope what I posted helps! Good luck to everyone!


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LMK I start in February! Any tips on how to prepare I have 2 months what do you suggest reviewing Anatomy??


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How has it been? I start in February! What can I do to prepare myself? I was thinking about reviewing my bones and muscles;busting out the old Anatomy book!


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Hi there, thank you for all this info! I'm from Chino Hills, CA so it gives me hope that you found a job in Whittier. My end goal is to become a nurse practitioner so I had some questions.

1. Does NV do pass/no pass or actual GPA?

2. Will having pass/no pass & hybrid learning format affect my chances of acceptance into an NP program to your knowledge?

Thanks in advance.