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I just want to hear where you are at now and how confident you are with the style of learning provided. I realize it isn't easy and I've heard enough negatives. Let's talk about success!!

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So, I just want to say that I went to a info session at the school in Utah and I felt very confident that this is the school for me. I was even able to talk to a new grad that was brutally honest and that is what I needed. It seems like he has a job and is going on to a DNP program which are the main things I was worried about. Thank you for looking at this post and I will help anyone I can with any questions:yes:


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I have been talking to an admissions advisor and am very interested in the Roseman ABSN. I would also love to know how current grads feel about the program. How did you feel about the online lectures? Heather can you give some more information about your chat with the new grad? I am worried that future employers might look down on someone that has gone through an online program. It sounds like you are a few steps ahead of me in the process of learning more about the ABSN program but initially shared some of my same concerns.

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Hi ArielleP, I am currently a student here but I am in the 18 month program because I feel like I learn better in this situation. I love this program so far! The student I talked to had a job offer before even graduating so I think that is a good sign.


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Hi there- I just stumbled across Roseman Universtiy today, because I may be relocaing to the SLC area. I read that it is a full time program, but what does that translate into when it comes number of classes to attend each week? Are you able to work while in the program? Just trying to figure out if this will be a viable option. Thanks :)


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Hi Heatherisbetter!

Thank you for your input. I am trying to decide if the online learning would work for me. Everything I have heard about the program appeals to me so far. The last thing I am looking for is some positive feedback from current students to help me make my decision. Good luck in your studies!

Hi ArielleP and Heatherisbetter

Heather, thanks for all of your helpful comments.

ArielleP are you pursuing Roseman? I was pretty excited about it when I first talked to my advisor. He said the success/grad rate was about 88%. Then I emailed with some concerns about posts where people talk about half of their cohort(s) being eliminated from the program. He said today that the success rate for the last two cohorts was 70 and 77%. That is pretty disconcerting, when you figure 40 in a cohort. So 10 fall out of the program? That would be a pretty painful financial hit, especially since most of the places I've looked at require a 1-year lease.

Any input or info you have learned would be most helpful. The 18 month program sounds more appealing, but apparently there is not another cohort starting until January 2016 at either campus.

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I am only in block 2 (of 15) and there are many people here who continue to work. I work one day a week and have not had any issues. As long as you make time for studying there should not be an issue. I have not gotten below a 95 on any of my assessments and we have already had 3 with one coming up this Friday. I don't know where you are from but I love SLC its a beautiful place!

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I am in one of the largest classes at Roseman (because a school in this area shut down and Roseman offered to transfer their credits) and I know that not all of these people will make it. It all depends on you and your study habits, my undergrad GPA was not good at all, just barely enough to get in, but so far I have been very successful in my studies here. There are plenty of opportunities to remediate and make a passing score so you should be able to pass if you are determined. I also hear that they are starting a June cohort here in SLC and they are also bringing the ABSN here in Oct.

Heatherisbetter thanks very much! I live in Washington state just north of Oregon, so SLC is just a 12 hour drive in case I want to come home to visit. Everything about Utah sounds more appealing than Nevada. I was under the impression that Utah didn't start a cohort again until Jan of 2016, so the info you have shared is incredibly helpful. I am going to call right now for confirmation about the cohorts and will update for anyone else who might be reading.

I am glad that you are loving the program. Your posts have really helped me and I want to thank you for taking the time to share so much!


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Hi Gibbygibbson, I am pursuing Roseman. I am applying to the ABSN program. I'm not sure what campus I want to attend though. I am based out of LA, so Vegas is a bit closer to home for me which would be nice. However, SLC is am much more appealing place to live! I am a bit worried about the success rate but also know that an accelerated program anywhere is going to be really intense. I am planning on visiting the Vegas campus and hopefully will get a chance to talk with a current student.

Hi Arielle P

I agree very much about the appeal of the two cities. I have been reading quite a bit about living costs and conditions. Scorpions in apartments and $400 electric bills sounds pretty awful. I spoke with ------------- yesterday (he coordinates apps for both LV and SLC) and he said there is a good chance that Utah will have a July ABSN program. They are not taking applications yet because they are in process of getting the accredidation approval, but that is already underway. His name is -------------------. I reached him by calling the Utah campus, then they connected me.

I too had planned to check out Henderson and the campus there, but now with this possibility of a Utah session I am really hoping that is a go.

Good luck to you and let's stay in touch.