ROLL CALL: Is this your Last Semester?

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Hey all! Ijust wanted to see how many of us are starting our last semester.

Is it an LPN/LVN or RN program? Is it a diploma program, ADN, or BSN? What courses are you currently taking? When is your pinning/graduation ceremony and what plans do you have for it?

I'm in an RN program for my Associates degree. My last semester consists of Med-Surg II and a one credit Nursing Leadership class. Our last semester is the hardest with the professor from hell. My classmates and I feel sooo overwhelmed, freaked out and slightly depressed and it was only week one! I don't have any info on when our pinning ceremony is or the details yet. Good Luck to us all.


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Hi lilmamita,

I am in my last semester of a ADN program. I also don't know when our pinning ceremony is. We have to turn in the money for our pins by the 16th of Sept. My last rotations are in psych and another med-surg. I am feeling overwhelmed too. We were told that this is going to be a hard semester but not as hard a our last.

Good luck!


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Woo hoo! I'm also last semester in BSN program. My classes are Care Management of Acutely Ill, Professional Nursing Seminar, Research with clinicals in High Acuity/Multiple Client and ICU. I also have Senior Preceptorship starting in November.

Pinning is December 19th and commencement is Dec 20th. This is my least difficult semester -- whew! Less time writing papers and taking tests -- more time on the floor.

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I'm in my last semester! Graduation is December 12th! Yippeee! I don't know if pinning is a separate deal or not. I'm in a diploma program that has the courses integrated, so I am only taking one class, but it's long and miserable! LOL It's critical care and management with class 3 horus on Monday and Friday, then 8.5 hours of clinical on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So far it's incredibly difficult and we haven't started clinicals yet (semester started last week and it was 4 days of 7 hours of class and labs).


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WooHOO.... Final semester here too... My pinning is on December 12th, and luckily I am on the committee to help plan it.. *like I have the time* I am in a ADN program.

We do ICU, Pediatrics and Psych this semester.. We also have a Client Care Management class...

This is going on our 4th week, and we have already had two ICU exams and one Pediatrics exam... IT IS CRAZY.... But by October 17th we will be finished with all tests, and then just get to concetrate on clinicals...

I think I am going to work Night Shift on an Orthopedic floor after graduation.. I have worked on the Ortho floor for a year and a half as a PCA/CNA... So I am comfortable there, and dealing with the broken hips and knees :)

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Last Semester here in So Cal....Pinning ceremony on Dec. 20th...WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!


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I graduate in Dec. with an ADN. There is only about 8 graduating in December so I don't know if we'll have a pinning ceremony or not. I plan to work in med-surg. I have Peds rotation, then OB with Mental Health in between.


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YAY!!!!! Last semster of an ADN program here. :) I am taking a 10 credit Med-Surg II and a 2 credit Leadership class. Our first 8 weeks are class only- we do all 16 weeks worth of book work in the first 8 weeks. We start clinicals somewhere around Oct. 20. Our pinning is Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 7:30 pm!!! So far, our class has no plans as to what to do for our pinning. This doesn't bother me, though, as long as the ceremony gets done!!! I, too am feeling completely overwhelmed. I have my first Med-Surg test tomorrow (respiratory probs. ---YUCK!!!) and I should be studying, but I am here chatting instead. Oh well, good luck to everyone!!!!


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Wonderful! Anybody else out there finishing up?

Memphispanda, you sure do have a lot of clinical hours. We don't get as many, which I dislike about the program. More clinical days during the week/weekends would make me feel more comfortable doing skills. In my program we omly have 8 hours per week!:eek:


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We get 32hrs of clinicals per week this semester.... Monday through Thurs... For 8weeks.. Almost like working full time :)


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Hi! I'm in my last semester of LPN school. Our pinning is Dec 17th and I cant wait. Its hard to work, go to school, be a mom and a wife at the same time!! But, I am not stopping here. I plan on going for my RN!! Wish me luck and if you have any suggestions,,,,,feel free to leave 'em!! Have a blessed day!!!


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Yep, 10 more weeks and Im out of here! WOW, only 10 more weeks!!. This is my difficult semester, ob/peds/trends.12 hours in all and somewhere in there I have to do a 32 hour preceptorship. But hey, I can do anything for 10 weeks.Finals on Dec 4/5 and pinning on the 11th.

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