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i'm graduating in may thank god cant wait our pinning ceremony is may 14th at 3pm and graduation is the same day at 7 i can't wait it's going to be an emotional day for me and my family. we are in our 4th week of school now we r tested every 8 days and we are in clinicals two days a week and in class two days a week and then we have our hours we have to do on blackboard many care plans, process recordings but once we make it through our 3 8 week sessions it gets better and less care plans as we go on through the semester. i have two kids work a .6 as a nurse tech have homework, and cleaning the house i wonder when i sleep but i seem to fit that in somewhere. good luck everyone

Brown Suga

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Hello all, I am in my final semester of an ADN nursing program. I can't wait for graduation on Dec 18,2003 at 1900. My final semester I have advanced med/surg rotation for six weeks, high risk OB/Peds rotation for six weeks and perceptorship for 96 hrs mainly on a med/surg unit unless we show stellar performance in lecture and clinicals. I am hoping to percep. in ICU. Well congrats to all graduating in December. Good luck to others who are just starting their programs and those who are currently in role. I know the road maybe rough at times, but very worth it in the long run.

Take Care,

BrownSuga :)

moni rn

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this is my last semester of an adn program. we have our pinning ceremony on dec 13th.

our last semester of classes consist of adult health ii & nursing management. also, we take the hesi the day after our last final. if we don't score at least a 90, we can't attend our pinning ceremony and our graduation. that s*ucks! :eek:

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