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Please help....

I am UK nurse trying to study for NCLEX.

I have my own experience between our equilivant nurses, RN and EN, however, I do not fully understand the US system differences in these roles.

Can LPN admit/assess new clients? Attend to IV/blood transfusions, give medicines etc?

The same question for LPN v nursing assistants....

Any helpful info welcome

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Roles of LPN/LVN vary from state to state so I think for the purpose of NCLEX you need to think of them as taking stable patients. So any patient that requires initial teaching or assessment is done by RN


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The role of LVN/LPN is different in a lot of ways, from our EN. As SD says it can depend on the state you are working in.

Here in NY LPN's cannot start a blood transfusion, or give IV meds. They cannot do initial assessment either.

Also over here, untrained staff (PCT) can do blood draws, ecg , but cant cannulate.... well, not where I work.

Get that book I told you has a full chapter on who can do what/or not.

If anything else i,ll be happy to help.



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Thanks Aggy, I shall plough:coollook: on!


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You will get this down after some study. Just think in general terms because specifics do change from state to state. Good luck with your test.


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Good luck with your test.

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