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  1. I too recently graduated with a two year nursing degree (RN program). However, the hospitals in my area are focusing on initially hiring the graduates with four year RN degrees. Various recruiters came to our school and encouraged all to make separate applications to each and every position of interest in the hospitals. I know of many students making 30-40 applications or more. So the nurse managers were overwelmed with applications. Bottom line is the nurse managers have had a lengthy process of prioritizing the BSN applicants only to discover they were no longer interested and took position elsewhere. The managers have had to thin out their applicants to get back to the two year applicants. Its not fair but that is what has been happening in my area. Don't give up.
  2. You need to write an honest response. It sounds like this potential student sent an email via texting while on break or driving. If the student seriously wants to become a professional nurse, then the student needs to act professional. Perhaps the potential nursing student should be encouraged to take an additional writing class.