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Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre PA


I am thinking amount moving to work at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa. Does anyone work their or a hospital near by, who can tell me about that hospital or another one and what it is like to live there? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :lol2:

I live in Elmira, NY apx 15 miles West of Sayre. That's a great hosp. Also nearby is Arnot Ogden Med Center in Elmira. Ithaca, NY is apx 40 miles NW. Binghamton, NY apx 40 miles E. Watkins Glen apx 30-40 miles NW. Of course the Finger Lakes & wineries are nearby. Wellsboro PA is beautiful, "Home of the PA Grand Canyon". Corning, NY apx 40miles W. It would be easier to describe if I knew what area you are in now, but I think it's a beautiful area; Especially in the Fall, lots of countryside.


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I have worked for RPH for a long time - have also worked other hospitals in the area. I would be happy to talk with you about work and the area. It is beautiful here. Easy access to cities - you can live in the country easily. Not alot of traffic to deal with. Kind of the best of both worlds. RPH is a progressive, teaching environment. Lots going on! Also a Magnet hospital. Remail me if you need more info!

I would love any information you could give me about Robert Packer Hospital. I am familiar with the Troy and Tioga area. i have being considering Robert Packer Hospital. Does the hospital have a NICU or a large ICU?

What hospital do you currently work at?

There is a NICU at Arnot Ogden in Elmira, NY

Thank you. I really want to work in NICU or ICU. I possibly want to be a CRNA one day. Does Robert Packer offer a good tuition reimbursement program?

We do have a tuition reimbursement program. What degree do you have right now? Do you have work experience?

I am 6 classes away from having my BSN and I currently work as a RN on a Respiratory Floor.

http://www.guthrie.org/AboutGuthrie/Opportunities/Employment/ You can check out this link. It will tell you more about us! The Nursing at Guthrie tab will let you check out our Nursing dept. then you can choose the Search Careers tab to see what is open. I know there are currently openings in ICU. let me know if you need more info. Where the heck are you now anyway?

I live near Wilkes-barre, Pa. About 2 and a half hours away. Thank you. I have been searching the Guthrie website already lol:lol2:

You can check with our Nurse Recruiter, Becky Frisbie 570-887-4906 for information. Just tell her Cheryl sent you!

I will... Thank you so much :)

cemeyer708 I know this is an old post, but I just applied to Robert Packer. Is there any advice for me to get an interview? Thank you!