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RN's in coastal NC and Florida please help


I'm thinking about moving to those areas to be close to the ocean. I am an RN with 11 years experience in CCU, Tele and a level 1 trauma center ED. What could I expect to get paid in those areas with my background? Please offer some insight before I consider moving there.

calivianya, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

I hear the pay in Wilmington, NC is rock bottom and terrible. I used to vacation there a lot and it is lovely, but expensive. So, you are looking at both higher cost of living and very low pay even for NC. I can't speak to RNs with experience, but last I heard they start new grads off around $19/hr. You would be very lucky to get $30 if you could swing getting that much.

I hear FL isn't much better. I received a job offer in Tallahassee, FL for $20.51/hr with 1 year of experience, but I don't know what the rest of the state looks like.

The Florida panhandle is bad...I hear its $22-26 for an RN. I made $38 before I moved here.

How about albuquerque, new mexico? Any idea regarding the rates of new grad RN and RN with 2 years experience?

Places that are vacation areas, particularly beautiful areas, beach areas, etc., can get away with offering low wages because lots of people want to live in those places. One of the annoying clichés you sometimes hear in Florida (I am a native, but left the first chance I got and have never considered living there again) is, "We pay you in sunshine" (said v. enthusiastically, with a big smile). Which is great, except you can't pay any of your bills with sunshine ...

Everything has a cost. You're going to "pay" for living at the beach with low wages and poor benefits.