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Could anyone tell me what is the best NCLEX review source. I have heard a lot about Kaplan, I cannot afford to take the course but I have ordered the 08-09 Review book, plus I have the saunders 4th edition. I will be graduating in August '09. Are there any free good online study sites that you know of?.


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Kaplan was good and saunders 4th edition was excellent. My class got a discount on kaplan, because we had at least 10 students who signed up for the kaplan. Saunders was just like the boards, make sure you do the pharm questions from saunders. I had at least 10 similar questions on the boards. Good luck


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Most people recommend the Saunders Comprehensive Review. The live reviews or online reviews are not necessary if you can not afford them. Suggest you look at several review books at the book store and find the one that appeals to you. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Good luck.

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