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RN to MD journey - prereqs

by nurse29. nurse29. (New) New Student

Hello!! I am a current BSN, RN interested in transitioning to MD. I have not completed any medical school prereqs. Is it recommended to complete at a community college or via post bacc pre medical program. Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!


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Not all college courses are accepted as equal by many institutions.

Check the medical schools that your considering applying to for their requirements. Post bacc pre medical program science courses may have more weight in being accepted.

Best wishes in your healthcare career journey.

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Go visit the premed forum at Student doctor.net. They will provide you with lots more data. The impression I get over there is that getting into med school is more competitive than most people realize. Just doing the minimum requirements is not enough to be competitive. You will be competing with people who have been spending their lives building an impressive resume.

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A postbacc program is going to gear you towards med school, whereas taking random o-chem and biochem courses may not set you up for success. You need to be prepared to smash the MCAT, there is so much more that goes into med school applications than just having the right courses on your transcripts. You need to start out thinking about letters of recommendation from science profs, volunteer hours, shadowing, all that good stuff. It is insanely competitive and grade replacement also doesn't exist. Best of luck!!

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Hi I am pursuing the same thing! I have a year of NP school under my belt but am changing gears to MD (or DO if I can't get into MD schools)

I have spoken to a number of medical school admission advisors. I was told that because I have "proven" I can accomplish university level work (my BSN) that they would strongly consider that if I completed some prerequisites at a community college. Keep in mind they were also aware of my year in an NP Program though. But if you have a high GPA in a university for your BSN, and a strong academic profile, strong research, and strong shadowing and community volunteering, you may be able to get away with community college prereqs because I know it does save sooo much money! Feel free to contact medical schools you are going to seek application to and ask! They really were open to speaking with me and welcoming of my background, which surprised me!

Also feel free to send me a message on here if you have any questions. And in addition to the suggestion above for student doctor forums, instagram and reddit have a strong and supportive community of premed/med students. Reddit is a bit competitive feeling, but informative.

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That’s great to hear! I will keep in touch with you definitely!!

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Do look at student doctor network, especially the "what are my chances" forum. I'd also suggest looking up the acceptance rate for various medical schools. You wouldn't be "transitioning" from RN to MD, you'd practically be starting over.

It's also true that some people (and their parents) have spent a lifetime in preparation. As a latecomer, you will have your work cut out for you. It has been done on occasion, though. Good luck!