NYC to Rhode Island --what's the job market like for RN's?

  1. Hi Rhode Islanders,

    I am a new grad RN with BSN. I have 3 years long-term care experience as an LPN. I have a hard time securing a hospital job in NYC and is thinking about relocating to RI. How is the new grad job market there? Which hospitals do u suggest I apply to, if any?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    Hope someone from Rhode Island can offer the advice you seek.
  4. by   snow1993
    Hello - There are not a whole lot of hospitals in RI, we're a pretty small state! Where to apply would probably depend on where you plan to live because although we are small, it can be time consuming to get to some places (think can't get there from here!)
    Westerly & South County hospitals are in the southern part of the state. Both are smaller suburban hospitals. Kent is in Warwick (a bit larger suburban hospital). Providence & Pawtucket have - woman & infants, RI hospital, hasboro (children's) and memorial - are all urban hospitals in the not best of areas. Roger Williams is in the easy bay area and if you plan to live on the island, there is Newport hospital. I'm sure I missed several more! Check the web sites for job listings. Sorry I don't know which ones hire new grads.
  5. by   Happynurs3
    Thanks for the information. I have applied through the Lifespan network. They have several hospitals listed. I was not familiar with the different areas so I applied to most of them (lol). I am now awaiting response(s).
  6. by   nrsmom2g1b
    I work at Our Lady Fatima in North Providence and know we are currently hiring many positions and they do tale a lot of new grads as well as recently a few that have only a year or 2 long term care experience. :-)
  7. by   Happynurs3
    Oh wow! Thanks for the information. Will apply
  8. by   Duttygal86

    I work in a tourist area and recently had an RN from Rhode Island tell me to "come to RI, they'll hire you" I am graduating NS next year with my BSN. Are there really any jobs for new grads? Can't get a feel for it through the RI forum.