Newport Day Program CCRI

  1. Is anyone on the waiting list for the Newport Day Program, if so how how long have you been on it?
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  3. by   jennah982
    Im on the list at newport, well was. I start the program in Jan. VERY NERVOUS!!! i was on for a year and a half.
  4. by   laurainri
    Quote from jennah982
    Im on the list at newport, well was. I start the program in Jan. VERY NERVOUS!!! i was on for a year and a half.
    need any books... I graduate the end of the month. I have lots of books if you are interested in buying them. a lot cheaper than then buying them used at the bookstore.
  5. by   RISN
    hey...i just finished nursing 2 in newport in the day program. the waiting list is rather short..i was on it for about 4 months and i started last january. im not sure if the list has gotten longer since then. the one thing I wish I knew when I started is how much time you really have to put into it. i would recommend NOT WORKING b/c it will relieve a lot of tress...the teachers are very tight knit so dont say something bad about a teacher in front of another teacher b/c THEY WILL GO AND TELL THEM!!! good luck
  6. by   GretaRN
    hi all,
    i am in the warwick snap program now!!!! was on the wait list 2 yrs. will be done in august!!! hooray!
  7. by   GretaRN
  8. by   RISN
    Brantaf: I'm in nursing V this newport we are doing nursing V before IV for some reason??? im curious about nursing IV..i heard it's harder than II....
  9. by   GretaRN
    Hi RISN,
    Four is not too just goes into more details....first exam today it wasn't bad....cardio lecture today...was bad. interpreting ekg's in relation to what area of the heart is affected...very confusing. I guess we must know about the 12 lead ekg...they are starting to treat us like real people, I guess we have done our time....
  10. by   crazensweet
    How are you doing in the program thus far? I hear that about have the students that started failed out. good luck.
  11. by   GretaRN
    I'm doing is very rigorous though. Looking at August now....Lost about 1/3 of class.....
  12. by   crazensweet
    well keep going, your going to make it. I am working on my pre-requisits....doing dont if I should though ... I am thinking about diagnostic sonographer..... My average is up there, I just dont know.....
  13. by   GretaRN
    Thanks for the support god knows we all need it. You will find your way.....keep going with the pre-req's, follow your heart!
  14. by   GretaRN is nsg V?