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  1. Hello,

    I've been unemployed since June-July, up till now. I thought there would always be a need for nurses. In the 80's hospitals were recruiting like crazy, talking about the nursing shortage and what not, and then we started seeing hospitals recruite nurses from the phillipines.. But that was more than 20 yrs ago, and i'm unemployed now so what happned to the nursing shortage?

    I was wondering if anyone else is also having difficulty finding a job. I don't know if it's because my preference is to work in hospitals limiting the number of places i can apply to. But yet when I apply to home health agencies and nursing homes, LVNs get hired over me.There are about 8 hospitals around me and ive applied to all that fall within a 30 mile distance from my city. They keep on telling me the census is low and recently, since I have such a large gap in my work history, i think that affects my employment.

    I'm qualified to work, so I'm just wondering if this is nationwide, local or just a bad time? Also, any advice would be greately appreciated.
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  3. by   ctantiques
    I believe you will find cost containment is largely responsible for the hiring of tech's over RN's and a whole new market for "how to delegate safely" essays.
  4. by   Biffbradford
    I'm in the exact same boat as you, except substitute in the month May. Just today, I see that a local hospital, less than 5 miles from me, has opened up 5 ICU positions and I have found them advertised AROUND THE NATION. So, I apply and send them my resume:

    ... and in less than 1 hour, I get:

    We have identified an initial group of candidates that we are pursuing; at this time you are not being actively considered for this role. Should the situation change, we most certainly will contact you.

    That's complete BS.

    I'm trying to find the email or phone #s of the unit manager since HR obviously is clueless.

    Hang in there, we will WIN THIS FIGHT!
  5. by   diamondeye
    That's awesome that you have CVICU experience.. My goal is to work towards that area. But at this point, I apply to medical-surgical/telemetry/behavioral.. etc. I just want to get a job.
    Yup, HR is disappointing and they are just getting worse. I'll try that, I'll call and email the unit directors.

    thanks for the encouragement.. God knows I need it
  6. by   jahra
    Don't discount age discrimination as well as the economic issues.
    I am a 80's grad, and by your resume they can do the math.
    Years ago experience was honored, today they seem to rather hire
    entry level nurse or techs so they can pay less at least in my area.

    To the OP =Try to be open to opportunities other than hospital, some outpatient
    areas are hiring...

    Biff-Keep up your search, will keep both you and Diamondeye in my prayers
    that you will find a nursing job you will enjoy and will honor your experience
    Good luck and keep us posted...
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from jahra
    Don't discount age discrimination... they seem to rather hire
    entry level nurse or techs so they can pay less at least in my area.
    Age discrimination isn't about 'being able to pay less.' They can pay any new hire whatever they choose irrespective of experience.

    Rather, it's about a mixture of false perceptions in our youth-obsessed culture and, sometimes, a concern that experienced workers will be less likely to tolerate poor working conditions.
  8. by   CrunchRN
    The economy, your age, politics....... it does truly suck.
  9. by   Bubbles
    From classes given by the Dept. of Economic Security and articles I have read it is recommended to only give the last 10 years of your experience on your resume. And don't put identifying information like the year you graduated from nursing school. Keep them guessing what age you are! Good luck. Yes, the Great Recession does suck!
  10. by   Quickbeam
    I'm a nurse in my 50's and in a new job where ironically, I'm asked to screen for new hires. We get hundreds of RN applications for one case mgt job. First cut? Experience. Second cut? BSN minimum. After that we interview. Since I was out of work myself earlier this year, I am extremely sympathetic to the plight of anyone looking for a job right now.

    A few tips...know what the job is you are applying for. Do a bit of studying. Be aware of the driving requirements/commute requirements. Show some interest. Do not think you can hide things on your resume with creative wordplay. Be cheerful, enthusiastic and pleasant. Don't bad mouth anyone.

    The last person we hired was older than I am. The climate now is a new day. No longer can you stroll into an HR office and plan on starting work the following week. it is competitive so definitely bring your A game.
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  11. by   Biffbradford
    It was suggested to me also to not mention years on the resume, yet all HR has to do is look at your application where you're forced to put all that in anyway.
  12. by   dpiana
    to find the nurse manager of a unit. Go to the hospital website .....and look for the table of organization for patient care services....Many hospitals will have this with the name of the managers. Once u get the name call the hospital operator to be connected to his/her private line....
  13. by   fltnrse2
    I agree with another response which mentioned "cost containment". CNA's are doing what LPN's used to do. Use your experience to your benefit, it shows that not only you are experienced in more than one area, but flexiable to float if need be. Not all jobs are advertised in the newspaper etc. So get your resume together, make a list of wherer you would like to work. You don't need an appointment to drop off a resume. Then F/U. FLTNRSE2
  14. by   lumbarpain
    I too, have been unemployed since 2009....the last job I had was a caretaker/Assessment nurse which the latter never materialized. I couldnt do heavy lifting of an MS patient when she fell but this agency did it anyway.
    I have been searching for work since......get interviews, but no real bites....I loathe this profession and what it did to my general physical health, (many injuries to neck, shoulders and back) which no one gives a crap about.....I cannot do Nursing home work anymore...I want an medical office job, I was told that I am overqualified in the state of Vermont for an med office job....HUH???if you are willing to accept the pay and work, they are getting a downright bargain....but you know....they are afraid you are going to leave for an RN job.....thats not my case...I JUST NEED ONE. I just was interviewed for a crappy part time office school job and didnt get it...because I am not Word Processor savvy....overqualified in one way.....and not in another....I dont get it really.....guess I am too old too. 55.. I will just roll myself up in a big ball and Frank Sinatra says..