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Retaking NCLEX soon



I'm new to the website and I came across it while searching for any extra tips to help me pass nclex. To briefly describe my situation; I graduated from nursing school in December of 2006. I was already working at a children's hospital as a nursing assistant in the PACU and in February of 2007 I transferred to a graduate nurse position on a different unit at the children's hospital. In January of 07 I had taken Kaplan and I was hoping to take it in February but the state of Michigan misplaced my license application and I had to refax everything back in and wait until April to take boards. I took the NCLEX in the middle of April 07 and I had 265 questions completed in roughly 5 1/2 hours. 2 days later I found out that I didn't pass. Immediately I signed up to take the test again. My next scheduled test was for the beginning of June 07 which was pretty worrisome considering that June 19th would be the last day that I could hold my graduate nurse position. Unfortunately I didn't pass the second time I took the NCLEX and I could no longer hold my graduate nurse position which was a terrible experience because I loved working on that unit. My nurse manager was very considerate and worked out a deal with the floor I previously worked on during nursing school. The deal was that they would take me back as nursing assistant and I could keep my benefits/insurance and I would also take the NCLEX again and go back up to the unit. I signed up for Kaplan a third time and I took the NCLEX at the end of August 07. Again I didn't pass.

I had two weeks after failing the NCLEX for the third time to find another job at the hospital in order to keep my insurance. Although I could've remained where I was at with a nursing assistant position, they could not keep be with insurance and benefits. So I found a permanent position working in the pathology lab. Even though I kept my insurance and benefits, the pay was only $10/hour and with my rent alone being $700/month there was no way to support myself. After being in the pathology lab for about 3 months I landed another job at the hospital working in clinical trials. The job pays a little bit better, but not much which is discouraging considering that it requires a bachelor's degree in any health field. I've been in this position since December of 07 and I'm definitely ready to leave and pursue a career as a nurse. Plus bills keep adding up and I'll be making about $12,000 more a year as a RN.

I had signed up to retest in March of 08 however a few days after registering again with PearsonVue I received a letter in the mail stating the I must take a refresher course prior to taking the NCLEX again. Which was aggrivating because I feel as though the state could've sent me this letter after I failed the NCLEX for the third time in August of 07. The letter listed 6 or 7 places to take a refresher course, all of which were colleges and it became ridiculous because at least 2 or 3 of the schools got rid of their RN refresher program, others only offered 1 semester or it required that the student already have their license. I called the state and they said they will accept the Kaplan online class which I am hoping to begin this week.

I haven't really studied much over the past year mainly due to the high levels of stress and financial instability I've endured. I'm hoping people here can give me advice and tips to taking the NCELX again. I know medications is the big area I really need to focus on. Anything would be appreciated.

i pass the nclex!!!!!!

i took kaplan and despite i didn't have any kaplan questions, they teach you to understand the question and select the right one. i had many that i didn't know. take a look my score is not to good, and i didn't finish it, put i pass.


you can do it.......:yawn::yeah::nurse:

i'm a mexican r/n , i worked for 14 years in er , and let me tell you that nclex is an alien hospital.........

i didn't finish it, but i passssssssss!!!!!!:yeah:

i got 188 questions and i run out of time. i had 12 all that apply. it was a very hard test. i had many pharma questions

i listening 12 videos, 2 1/2 books and over 4000 questions

my score...

trainer 1= 46.67 second time= 61.33

2= 37.33 second time = 61.33

3= 47 82

4= 55.33

5= 52

6= 48.5


i'm very very happy!!!!!:yeah::redbeathe:chuckle

Thanks for the support. I really hope I pass this time around.

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