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Resume review, please?

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To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse at Sentara Norfolk General where I can use my nursing education and training to deliver safe, and high quality care as well as continue my professional development.


RN License: Anticipated - Jan 2018

ACLS: Current - Dec 2017

BLS: Current - Sep 2016


Keiser University - Jacksonville, FL

Associate of Science in Nursing, December 2017


August 2016 - December 2017

Memorial Medical Center: Med/Surg

Orange Park Medical Center: NICU, Labor & Deliver, Post-partum

Mayo Clinic: OR, Pre-op, PACU, CV, Med/Surg

UF Health: Med/Surg, GI Lab, Special Procedurs, NICU, PICU, Labor & Delivery


United States Navy Reserve

Aviation Structural Mechanic, Second Class

March 2015 - April 2017

United States Navy

Aviation Structural Mechanic, Second Class

March 2011 - April 2015


Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society

January 2017 - Present


Student Veterans of America

May 2017 - Present

National Student Nurses Association

August 2016 - Present


Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Estimated start date: June 2018


Community Service Award - Keiser University

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, x3


Donovan Darious Foundation - First Aid

Never Quit Foundation

Lincolnville Festival - First Aid

Prostate Cancer Awareness Health Fair, St. Pauls AME Church

St. Fransis Soup Kitchen

References available upon request.

Great experience. My understanding is the objective portion is no longer used.

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, x3 is incorrect.. no abbreviations allowed.

You spelled St. Francis wrong.

Special Procedurs is spelled wrong.

CLINICAL EXPERIENCE- you should list this as student rotations

Good luck! Let us know how it's going.


Specializes in Trauma ICU.

I always use the objective statement on my resume. If you leave it in, I would recommend adjusting it a bit...more along the lines of "...seeking an entry level RN position in ..." and stating what type of unit/environment you are applying to. You may have to change this if you apply to more than one type of unit.

Best of luck to you, SNGH is an awesome place to work!


Specializes in Stepdown . Telemetry.

This is good, all the sections are there. Now U need some action verbs and a few descriptions of what you actually did...

Some bullets can be date/place only if the role is clear, like AA Nursing, but an explanatory statement for unclear roles, or roles that you did valuable things.

You could elaborate on your navy reserve experiences, or the 2 first aid roles, as these are things that are unique. They spark the readers interest.

For example, you list two first aid experiences, but instead of listing 2 places you can have a single bullet- for example:

First Aid Volunteer: abc foundation and xx clinic, 2016 - conducted patient histories and assisted with diabetes screenings and vital signs for adult patients (or whatever you did).

You want to showcase our strengths. Then if you elaborate a bit, you might have to trim down the extraneous things that dont add much value.

Good start! You have good stuff to work with!

Take off the References Available line. It's no longer considered necessary from what I've read. As a new grad, they'll automatically ask for letters, usually later in the process.


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