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Here is my deal, I just passed my NCLEX about a week and a half ago. My school did my resume and insisted on putting my accounting experience on there with my medical experience. I was a phlebotomist for about 2 years, before that I did accounting for 11 years. Before my accounting experience I was a medical assistant before that for about 8 years. I just wanted a medical resumes that is separate from an accounting resume and they said too much of a work gap. But, I can explain that without it being on there. Am I wrong to do it this way?


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You can explain the gap by saying you were in nursing school, although I'd keep it on there so it's not blank. It shows that you do have work experience and longevitiy at the same employer prior to pursuing your dream of nursing. I was in a non-medical field for 8 years prior to nursing school and kept that job on my resume until I got enough nursing experience to fill it out medically.


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Yes I agree with T-Bird78. In my own opinion resume should contain all your work experience no matter what it is. Having a longer work experience is a big advantage in your resume.

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Given the "weight" that your financial/business experience carries in your work history, yes, it should be included. I would remove industry-specific tasks (i.e., if you worked with a wholesale food distributer and loss assessment related to spoilage, for instance) and tone up the generalized experiences that translate well into your overall decision-making, administrative skill-set.


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Yes, definitely keep that on your resume, it shows your a hard worker and although maybe not health related there are still many great transferable skills :-)

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Agreed the long work experience at the same job is a definite plus. Managers are looking for that person who has stability and not just looking for that first year experience then bail out. In addition accounting skills are very much transferable, instead of listing your accounting duties list it as in what is transferable to nursing. Computer skills, budgeting, most accountants are very organized, handle multiple accounts (multi-tasking), detailed oriented, customer service, etc. all very important to a managers. Think of some more, so you can represent yourself when you get an interview.


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I agree about keeping it on. Don't get too lengthy about the job description, but rather, focus on the elements that relate to nursing, like ArrowRN said. Use it to your advantage to help you stand out above the other new grads!