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I was always told that if a resident pulls out a G-J tube that you are not to put in a temporary foley catheter tube because a G-J tube is surgically implanted. However, I am now being told it is OK for LPN's to put in a temporary foley catheter tube in place of a G-J tube when a resident is being sent out to the emergency room to get a new G-J tube re-inserted. What is the correct procedure at your facility?

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Our in house policy is being superseded by several of our consulting GI physicians,they would rather our folks be dry overnight, scheduled for insertion the next day or go to the emergency room.We have residents with long term feedings who have decided they do NOT want this,we change them routinely and we have plenty of supplies so ringing the appropriate sized feeding tube is not difficult


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Do you insert a foley catheter to keep the G-J tube site open before sending to the ER?

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At our facility we send straight to the ER. LPNs in Louisiana, that is not in our scope of practice. Our RN supervisors send this straight to the ER too. I did work in a facility in FL where it was acceptable for a LPN to change out a G tube. I always refused because like I said it is not with in my scope of practice. I always feared that I would put the tube in the peritoneum and cause possible sepsis and death.

If your facility allows you to place a temporary cath and you feel comfortable doing so it is ok. Other wise when in doubt send them out. Protect your license because it is always the nurse they go after first. Never do anything you feel uncomfortable doing.

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