Tylenol through G tube


I had a patient with a g tube and gave oral liquid Tylenol through it. Provider ordered it this way knowing patient didn’t take any PO meds. Probably a dumb question but this is the only of 25 meds I didn’t have to make a clarification with pharmacy on. Is this the ideal form of Tylenol for a g Tube? 


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When you say that the patient didn't take any PO meds, what exactly do you mean?  That he didn't take any meds by mouth, but enteral meds administered via the g-tube?  Or that he didn't take any enteral meds, regardless of route? 

If the former, are you concerned that this an appropriate form of Tylenol for administration via g-tube?  And if not, why?


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Both liquid and crushed tablets can be given via the peg


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Probably just didn’t click the g tube button. Pharmacy usually automatically changes from po to tube