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OK: I am a geriatric nurse, not a psych nurse, ER nurse, OB nurse, M/S nurse or surgical nurse. my point? i don't know a whole bunch about the other nursing areas.

My dad had surgery today..the doc ended up doing a resection of the LLL after removing the tumor. My understanding of a resection is cutting out a portion of the lung (in this case) then "putting it back together". Is this somewhat correct?

I've attempted a web search tonight, without results. 'Course, I've been up since early this morning, traveled from TX to MI, then hit the hospital.

Dad is in ICU; 2 IVs, epidural pain relief, foley and chest tube. BP was running low 80/35 while I was there, and he was a bit tachy.

I'll head to the hospital before I go to work tomorrow

I appreciate any information y'all can give!

Thanks a bunch!

Apologies in advance for any typos..I'm going on hour 20 at this point

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You've got it right, I hope he does well :)


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Hope he does well. Sounds like you have a good grasp on his surgery. 80/35 does sound a bit low, but that could also be the epidural medicine.


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Not somewhat correct. VERY CORRECT. My prayers for you and your Dad.

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You seem to have a good understanding of the surgery. By the way I have taken care of many patients like your Dad and they do great. Hope his recovery is speedy.

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Questions to ask:

Were the margins clean?

Chemo or Radiation needed?

You will be in my thoughts.

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Thanks for the answers and support. Friday he had about 2000 cc drainage from chest tube. Saturday on my way into work I stopped by, and they were getting him out of bed for the 1st time, There was about 800cc from the chest tube at that point. He was also receiving 2 unit PRBC cuz his Hgb was 8.5. He's still in ICU..BP is staying low.

Didn't get in to see him today, as he had me paying some bills and doing other stuff for him before i had to go to work at 3. I'm gonna head to bed soo so i can get to the hosp tomorrow.

Don't know lymph node reults yet. Hopefully I'll get to actually speak with a Dr tomorrow (

Even if I have to call off work tomorrow, I'm gonna get some answers!

Thanks again!


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joy,, hope your Dad is thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

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Today's update :

Got a call from his nurse just as I was getting ready to leave for the hosp. Dad's lung is still collapsed. The Dr was going to do a broncoscopy there in the ICU to see if there was a mucous "plug"

CXR showed almost no difference after the proceedure. O2 sats drop drastically when he moves around, he's coughing up quite a bit of bloody mucous. Hgb is up to 10.3 He was very confused and agitated all afternoon.. unknown before today. Ate no lunch

and just a cup of broth for supper

I called in so I could be at the hospital today.. good thing I did cuz I was *finally* able to speak to the surgeon. Lymph nodes are positive, so when dad is thru with the current situation we'll be consulting with an oncologist and deciding what treatment dad wants..

Gotta get to bed soon, as I want to get to the hosp before I go to work tomorrow

Thanks for the support!

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