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Hi everyone -

Anyone here a Research Nursing student for the accelerated program beginning in Aug. 2010? What have you heard about the program?

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A friend of mine is going to start in August '10 (pending prereq's and interview, etc).

I am an AO student. Just over 4 months left. Let me know if you have any specific questions. :)


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I am starting the AO program this August (2009). I have mostly heard positive things about the program, but I guess you never know until you actually do it. For me, it was the best option seeing I already had a degree. I think it will be a pretty intense 12 months, but it's only 12 months.

ndaewg-- I would love to hear any suggestions you have to get ready for the program. I think my biggest concern is that I have a 2 year old who I have stayed home with since she was born and I am afraid I am not going to see her at all next year! How intense is the program? Thanks for any information you can provide!

ndaewg, thanks for getting back to me. my main question has to do with what i can do now to prepare for accelerated classes? in your opinion, would it be helpful to read a book(s) on a topic covered in the curriculum as a way of acquiring at least a minimum amount of subject knowledge?

during the group interview session, it was mentioned that we will frequently have overnight reading assignments, perhaps 500 pages that realistically can't be completed. is this phenomena the exception or the rule? what do you do to compensate for this unrealistic study schedule regarding test preparation?



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I am in the same situation! I have been staying at home with my 15 month old since she was born and I'm so nervous to leave her for a year. What are your plans for your little one? Daycare? I hope that I will be able to spend enough time with my family and still be able to do well in the program. I also start in Aug '09. Nervous but excited to be a nurse!

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I am a new grad of Research College of Nursing 2009 TO class. PM me if you want more info.


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ndaewg- and myself just graduated from the AO!!!! yay and i wonder who is nursetobe09?? your 35 so i might know ya too;).

it has its share of ups and downs like you's expect a 12 month BSN to go.

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ndaewg- and myself just graduated from the AO!!!! yay and i wonder who is nursetobe09?? your 35 so i might know ya too;).

it has its share of ups and downs like you's expect a 12 month BSN to go.

Yeah, we may know each other. But send me a PM as I do not want to reveal my identity on here. And I am no longer a nursetobe, I am officially a RN!


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I am an Accellerated Option Student for Fall 2010, I am also a male. I was glad during our interview that I was not the only male. I look forward to meeting all of you, pray for me to pass all of my pre-reqs. Really the only pre-req that I am worried about is Chemistry I. I have not had Chemistry since highschool and have not had a math class in about 6 years.


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I am doing my prerequisites for the program now--I'd love to hear from graduates who are working for HCA to get feedback on how this experience is working for goal is to be a CRNA, and I'd love some feedback on the education and working experience. PM me if you prefer.

i am meeting with leslie next week about applying for august 2011. two big questions i have for those who have graduated from this program;

1.) did anyone work during that year?? even a little bit? were you able to have any type of regular schedule with a job, even like a serving job for example? (ok maybe 3 questions)

2.) can you give me an example of your schedule for each segment of the program (heavy nights/weekends?)

i read that they do not recommend that you work, however i'm afraid i may well end up having to at least few hours a week. i have an abundance of serving experience and thats what i was thinking i could possibly do??

my husband was laid off from a well-paying job last april, and is now in temporary postion. so i don't know what kind of $$ he'll be making, but fingers crossed he gets a higher paying job again!! i'm afraid we'll be struggling to get by for that year, but the value of the loan forgiveness program is worth it to me, to at least try to get into the program, and maybe just cross that bridge when we get to it. am i crazy?? :confused:

ps - for the other moms who posted...i have a 2 year old as well who i have stayed home with, although he will be almost 4 by then, so i'm hoping he'll better handle it at that age. we are postponing a sibling for him as well though :uhoh3:


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I've been accepted to the AO program at Research for next year (Fall 2011). I'm worried about being able to learn it all and maintain my GPA so that I can get the HCA scholarship.

One thing that has been on my mind is something that was said in our interviews... "Some weekends you may have 900 pages of reading. If you are a word-for-word reader, you better figure out another strategy." :eek:

So... I'm a word-for-word reader. I would love to hear from anyone who is in the program or has been through it!! What's your strategy?

PM's or emails okay too!

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