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I noticed on the archives that many have been searching for report sheets. We use our census and many draw a makeshift report sheet on the back of their census. Well, I have to be neat and organized, so I created a report sheet which most find very helpful. There may be some things specific to your hospital that you may want to add. You can put the census face down in the printer paper slot and copy this report onto the back of your census.

They are attached below.




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I actually just built a custom census report for the floor. It has the name, DX, age, dr, ht/wt, diet, and then grids for VS, IV, notes, etc. it is generated from the comptuer just like the census. Different one for MSP vs CCU and for Nurses VS CNA's. since they all want different things on it, and different amount of space on it.


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More, more, more!!

Thanks to all, I have one I got as a bad xerox from a co-worker and despite the bad reproductions (getting worse each 50 or so...) I MUST have it in my pocket or I am lost.

I'm a CNA and often am teamed with 4-5 RNs on a shift to cover my 12 pts, this means I may be asked at any given time for a Blood Sugar, or q4 vital as they are passing meds and need to know stat. It keeps my charting accurate, even if I haven't had time to enter it just yet, I can always be on the spot. I have a colored pen system for that too. yep, I'm meticulous!

Question, I'm pretty anal about my reports and keep them all...does anyone else date/label with shift and coworker info like I do? I have a 3 ring binder where I keep them. (every day since I started) Call it weird, call it CYA, I just feel better knowing that should a question ever arise, I have a record...

I'm not a paid member (yet) or I'd post my own sheet.

Thanks again everyone, I learn soooo much reading here!

Be blessed!


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I never keep my report sheets, but know of others that do. well, I take that back, if I was working back-to back days, I would hand my report sheet to the oncomming shift and get it back that night. that was sometimes helpful. But then again, I have had nurses read MY report sheet back to me the next nothing happend at all on the day shift that they needed to report?!? :bugeyes:

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Figure I might as well toss my start of shift "brain" out there. It all fits on one page at work, however it seems to have split to two when I opened it at home.


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I just created my own report sheet using some ideas I found on here. This is what I came up with:

report Sheet (1).doc