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I have a lot of experience-ICU, ltac, dialysis, home health, neuro step down etc. I don't like being a nurse. Honestly, I should have shadowed 7 years ago before deciding to enter the profession. I find my coworkers extremely draining. The constant gossiping and bickering gets on my nerves and I find myself struggling to have a life outside of work. I am considering going into peritoneal dialysis so I can I have a set number of patients and less involvement with other members of the interdisciplinary team. Currently, I work in dialysis and the constant tech and RN drama is becoming too much. Before I look into this though, I was wondering if there are any good remote jobs or alternative career options? I love auditing charts and working by myself. I am extremely detail oriented and introverted. Any Masters degrees suggestions? Any jobs I should try to obtain? Thank you for any suggestions. 

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I have been looking into nursing informatics as a career. I'm currently in an outpatient clinic after working 4 years bedside on various floors. If I have learned anything since switching, it's that I want to be even farther removed from patient care and be able to work in a more independent environment. Informatics is something I have soft-landed on. It's something that you can go directly into (although it's a pretty competitive field to get in to), or some positions also only hire if you have a MSN-informatics. 

After spending lots of time looking ahead into what the job applications look like on LinkedIn, and it looks like most jobs are on site, but there are some hybrid/remote.

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Thank you for this awesome response. I have been looking at starting a nursing informatics program. Glad I am not the only one experiencing this. 

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I joined a big nursing informatics group on facebook (private group called 'Nursing Informatics') with over 8000 members. The discussions there have been super helpful. From what I've gathered, experience is more likely to get you a job in informatics than a Masters with no previous informatics experience. Getting your foot in the door seems to be the main difficulty. I would suggest joining that group- there's tons of people discussing their issues with getting into the field.