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  1. ISTJ nurse

    USA trained MSN working in new zealand/australia

    Thanks! I read through the website. My program is 39 credit hours, and it looks like they require a minimum of 40 credit hours for a master's degree to transfer.
  2. Hi, So I am a neuro ICU nurse with 2 years of experience. I want to move to New Zealand or Australia and am trying to decide whether to obtain my MSN in education/FNP in the USA prior to moving. Does anyone know if any MSN degrees obtained in the USA transfer to these countries? Thank you for any suggestions/advice!:)
  3. What medications are you guys using to boost your immune system if you contract covid-19? Thanks! I am taking vitamin D, C, and zinc.
  4. Just out of curiosity, are there any nurses able to take hydroxychloroquine and zinc for COVID-19 prevention? Attached is a video of Trump stating that frontline providers are prescribed it. Thanks!
  5. ISTJ nurse

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    I love this post. No mango or frozen pineapple anywhere:)
  6. ISTJ nurse

    COVID-19: Take the position?

    I am deciding whether to take a position in an ICU. It is a large hospital in a rural setting. I really do not want to care for COVID-19 patients without proper PPE. So in summary, has any nurse personally experienced COVID-19? Would you recommend working in ICU at this time? I love caring for patients and am dedicated to the profession, but my priority is my family (that I continue living with- parents in their fifties and not in the best health.) Thank you for any suggestions you may have!
  7. ISTJ nurse

    ISTJ Nurse Specialty Recommendation

    Thanks Enarra! I will keep trying specialties to figure out my interests. Glad you found a specialty that suits you.
  8. ISTJ nurse

    UT health science center houston clinical sites

    Thank you Casa-Bella for this information! That makes so much more sense. I did not understand the purpose of typhon until now. Thank you!
  9. ISTJ nurse

    Typhon to find clinical sites?

    Has anyone used typhon to find NP clinicals? Was it still challenging to find preceptors using this website? Thanks everyone!
  10. I applied to UT Health Science Center Houston FNP program. Does anyone have experience with finding preceptors for this program? UT Health claims they provide a list of possible clinical sites associated with the school. Thanks for your advice! "Clinicals are arranged collaboratively between student and advisor. The School has already arranged many sites; however, if location is an issue, the student and advisor work together to find a suitable site."
  11. ISTJ nurse

    ISTJ Nurse Specialty Recommendation

    Thank you for the topic recommendation. I just found an amazon book on this titled "How to Be an Epicurean: The Ancient Art of Living Well." I cannot wait to read this. Thank you Uroboros! After some personal research and your advice, I am sort of leaning on obtaining my FNP and a post-masters in nurse education.
  12. I graduated with my BSN two years ago and immediately started working in an ICU. After two years of working in ICU, I am still stressed at work (still hate code blues). As an ISTJ, I am logical, practical, typically decide based on logic instead of emotions, and introverted. I tend to prefer being alone reading or spending time with my family. This year I am planning on applying to graduate school. I am considering nursing education, family nurse practitioner, and CRNA school. Any suggestions? My goal is to find a specialty that suits my ISTJ personality. After shadowing, I can see myself in family medicine and education. I have not shadowed a CRNA. To pursue CRNA school, I need to work in a cardiac ICU, which sounds extremely stressful for me. Thank you for your time in advance!

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