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  1. Genesis_BSN_RN

    NJ RN endorsement fingerprint question

    Did you find out where to send the transcripts? I’m currently in the same boat
  2. For all the nurses who did license by endorsement. Did you wait for your license before applying to jobs or did you just apply to jobs and let them know you’re waiting on your license? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Genesis_BSN_RN

    RN license by endorsement NJ

    Hi, Has anyone recently applied for license by endorsement in NJ. If so, help me with the following: I cant find what to do anywhere on the website -For the nursing school transcript, my school is not mailing any transcripts out. They are only emailing pdfs due to COVID. Can I email it to the board? Is it suppose to be mailed out? Can I upload it on the website? I cant find information on it on the website. Next, for the Criminal History Background check do I wait for the Board to send me a card or can I just go there myself. And if I go there myself what form do I have to bring and fill out? I’ve attached my checklist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.