Laid Off!!

  1. I just got laid off! I was the only nurse for our CORF (comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility) which I was responsible for caring for all of our patients receiving PT, OT, ST and respiratory therapy. Not all of them had nursing issues but many did.
    I did wound assessments, B/P checks, teaching, staple removals and all the other things that come up during a regular day in outpatient nursing.
    My facility said that they were doing away with the CORF because of the Medicare constraints. We are attached to an acute rehab hospital so we got alot of business from inpatient. They are looking at getting a different certification for the Pulmonary rehab program so they can dissolve the CORF altogether.
    Apparently they had this planned for a while. They gave me a folder with tips on how to sign up for unemployment, making a good resume, giving a good interview, etc. I was actually insulted by this b/c if I didn't have a good resume or interview skills why would they have hired me to begin with? I have been a nurse for 8 years and with this facility for almost 5.
    Anyone else have any similar experiences?
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  3. by   oramar
    Dear Sandy, I read your post back in June when you first wrote it. I found it quite interesting and am sad to see that no one every responded to it. I thought it would turn into a busy thread.
  4. by   renerian
    Wow I have never seen this before. I feel for you. Sandy what are you doing now? This has happened to me 5 tiimes.......budget cuts, mergers, closures.

    I will PM you.

  5. by   Liddle Noodnik
    I don't get it. Can't they just transfer you to another area? Or is that not something you want to do?

    I may crab about my job but it would really stink if I got laid off. Wish I could do something to help!
  6. by   Monica RN,BSN
    It amazes me that any nurse could be laid off in the times we face with a severe nursing shortage. I have seen it happen though when companies need to scale back to save the budget, or what ever reason they give for the lay off. Sad any nurse would be laid off in today's working world, ecomomy and ect.

    Good luck to any of you facing this delemia.
  7. by   sb22
    Thanks for all your support. I am working again, I actually accepted the first job I interviewed for. I am once again working in home health with some very sweet patients from the "hollers" and "back woods" of Kentucky.

    I was also surprised that noone responded to this thread. I was really feeling sorry for myself when I started this thread. It has turned into such a blessing, though. I had 2 weeks vacation time and 4 weeks severence pay, so I got to spend several weeks at home with my kids before I had to get a job. I could have transferred to inpatient to work evening shift, but it totally did not suit my lifestyle. (I really love being a mom and wife!!)

    I believe that God has a plan for me and spending the summer at home was really nice. I guess I have a tendency to be a little cocky at times and need to be knocked back a notch, so I am definitely more appreciative of my job now.

    I hope that if this did happen to anyone else that you wouldn't doubt yourself but would use it as a chance to make a positive change in your career.
  8. by   Monica RN,BSN
    SO happy it all worked out for you. We have all heard that everything happens for a reason, though at the time we may not understand what the plan is for us... Congrats on your new job!!