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Hi nurses, Wow, I never received this amount of rejection emails in my life. MY family and friends keep telling me to be optimistic but it's extremely hard to. Even when I applied, New York... Read More

  1. by   RRWilson,RN

    I met with the nurse recruiter in HR at 930 then with the nurse manager on the floor where I would be working. I didnt leave until 1220-1230. I feel like the only reason I was able to land that interview was because I had done my senior prac there. I felt like the interview went really well, and I just knew I would be starting the following week. I was informed of pay, benefits, the color of scrubs to order, what days of the month orientation would be, the orientation process, and etc. I was thinking in my head, "Wow, I have received a lot of information about this job. Sounds really promising." I was told in 1 week they would be in contact about the next process. Well HR never contacted my references because I asked my references just about everyday had someone reached them. I dont know what happened or what went wrong. I have two friends that completed nursing school with me that work on this same floor, and they informed me that the nurse manager hired two guys but the are still in need of 2 more night RN. My application still says pending on the career dashboard. Pending isnt good enough, I need a job offer. My family is barely getting by on my husband's income.
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  2. by   biblepoet
    Try to email her to remind her of your interest in the position. Be proactive and aggressive. I landed a job that way. Hope you sent a thank you for the interview. Keeps your name in front of her And remind her of you'd qualifications for the position. Just a thought in tight market.
  3. by   amygarside
    Perhaps you can try doing work-at-home jobs. Working as a medical transcriptionist or in telehealth can probably help you financially while you are complete your BSN degree or while you wait for a job that you really want.