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I work for a large Magnet hospital. As nursing becomes more popular, and nurses not in short supply, I have noticed something ominous has being going on lately. Several of our older and very seasoned... Read More

  1. by   foreverLaur
    When I said my last semester is, I meant that I am currently in my last semester Nursing was just a second career for me - I already have a bachelors degree and I work in clinical research. I wish I could have done a 2nd degree accelerated BSN program but given the significantly higher cost (my ADN programs is $79 a credit hour) and the inability to work full-time... it simply wasn't an option.
  2. by   nursel56
    Quote from Anoetos
    I just finished my BSN and never took music, linguistics or history.

    I did however take classes in leadership, law and ethics, community and public health (emphasis on prevention/promotion), and above all, evidence based nursing practice.

    And yes, I am hopeful these classes have prepared me for a broader scope of practice than the excellent training my ADN brothers and sisters received in generalist, bedside nursing.
    I don't know of any state that has separate scopes of practice for RNs depending on their degree, despite the efforts of the pro-BSN lobbying groups.
  3. by   Anoetos
    Quote from nursel56

    I don't know of any state that has separate scopes of practice for RNs depending on their degree, despite the efforts of the pro-BSN lobbying groups.
    Probably an unfortunate choice of words on my part. You're quite right, scope is scope.

    Be that as it may, I hope my point wasn't lost.
  4. by   Kay28
    All this talk of ADN vs BSN. Don't forget about us lowly diploma grads. LOL
  5. by   nursel56
    Quote from Anoetos
    Probably an unfortunate choice of words on my part. You're quite right, scope is scope.

    Be that as it may, I hope my point wasn't lost.
    No, your point was clear.

    Kay, a diploma grad! I'm glad there are still at least a few still around! I have a soft spot for those schools, and there are very few out here on the West coast!
  6. by   DSkelton711
    Quote from Anoetos
    I hope no one has ever belittled your experience. I know that I never would.

    But by the same token, I cannot tell you how many times, upon being asked what my degree is, I have been told by ADN prepared nurses that they are just as good as me. I cannot escape the inference that
    mu ch of the animosity and division is driven by a sort of inferiority complex on their part.

    On the other hand, I can just imagine BSN prepared nurses going into the work environment and acting as though they were superior. I can imagine it, but, thankfully, I have not witnessed it.
    Sorry did not mean to imply that anyone here belittled or otherwise. I have never been belittled (I am a pretty smart cookie so that helps!). I just want my experience counted. I have almost 30 years of it. I am also a well-read individual and feel that I have a well-rounded "education" from life and doing self-study. I have an appreciation for the arts, history, have experience with budgets, financial planning, statistics, etc. It does smart a little when a potential employers is focused on 3 initials and nothing else. I don't feel less of a nurse, I have no inferiority complex as I know I am good at what I do and it has more to do with experience than education. The real world is where one becomes a real nurse. Most nurses I know just don't want their experience taken away from them or feel that ones profession is at risk after giving your life to it for so long. Whew! I like the idea of BSN, but
  7. by   wilsonbl5150
    I'm a LVN in Texas and what you describe has been happening down here for a few years. Acute care is only interested in RN\BSN. The ADN.'s are going into long term care and squeezing the LVN's out.
  8. by   RN In FL
    Quote from ajjones1322
    I have a 2 Bachelors, started a Masters, finished an MHA and I'm just now doing nursing pre-reqs. I want to be a nurse but I am paying for this. I don't want to be pushed out of the higher paying jobs at the hospital simply because I don't have a BSN when I have a higher level degree. It is happening but it is not fair. And they know the LTC facilities won't necessarily have the same benefits packages as the hospitals for nurses to get a BSN. So it is creating a pay/class system.
    Why on earth are you going into nursing???? Are you only after the "higher paying jobs???
  9. by   RN In FL
    Quote from ajjones1322
    Agree, agree. Here in Florida they are being pushed out. But not in Chicago where my friend has yet to consider getting a BSN and is constantly getting work at just under $40/hour. In Florida the magnet facilities are pushing out nurses and it is unfair. You are hiring BSN that have little experience. The experienced nurse can provide better care. Also, you are making it hard for those re-careering into nursing. I already have many degrees. I don't want to pay for a BSN. I just want an ASN, MSN, doctorate. Might have to move.
    sounds like to me, you don't really want to be a nurse, just another career changing person, wanting to hop skip your way to the top of our profession You just want the "RN" title... I live here in FL, and I don't see where ADN's are being pushed out anywhere.
  10. by   JustADream
    Here in Georgia, I have experienced BSN nurses (and even BSN nursing students) indicating that they feel that ADN and diploma nurses are inferior. Fortunately at my institution, there are still ADN nurses in management that advocate for ADN and diploma-prepared nurses (I am ADN). Some other facilities in this area have changed their policies to where they only hire BSN nurses, but the majority are not that way at least around where I live.

    That is not to say that I don't think people should continue their education if they can- in fact I have already applied to an RN-BSN program on my own. However, it is disappointing to me as a new grad to see nurses and other staff judging someone on the sole basis of their educational background without even knowing what they are capable of at the bedside. To me, it is not the education that makes the nurse, but rather the unique individual that makes the nurse! I have met what I would consider good and bad nurses from all educational levels so far.

    To give you an example, I recently overheard a tech belittling ADN programs to a group of other techs. She is in nursing school for her BSN and basically said that ADN nursing programs suck and should be eliminated. She is entitled to her opinion, but it is interesting to me how she can be so judgmental + arrogant and not even have graduated or taken NCLEX-RN yet. Anyway, I worked hard in nursing school for my ASN and I feel that my program did an excellent job of preparing me for the "real world." I also know that I am proud to be an RN and nothing anyone says is going to change my mind, especially that particular tech.
  11. by   RN In FL
    Any person entering a traditional BSN program starts at square 1!! learning to make beds, take BP's, temps, empty bedpans, and the likes, I WOULD HOPE. I am an "old skool" RN. I learned all that stuff. Somebody correct me if i am wrong, If they don't teach like that these days. Maybe thats where all the confusion is coming from. Do they not teach the basics anymore? Is that where the my BSN program is better than your ADN program is coming from??? Maybe they don't teach how to make beds and take bp's and all the "true nurse stuff". The basic nursing (bedside care, injections, accucheck, nursey stuff) things should be the same. EXCEPT for the "other stuff" to complete the bachelors aspect. The NCLEX, like everybody has stated is the same. It used to be a big deal back in the day to flaunt your BSN, its not anymore...Whoop de do. They give them away like samples at Sams on a Saturday Morning.....well not that easy hehehe. But this argument is crazy. You can practically BUY your BSN these days. ONLINE. They just about have no credibility in my book, SO LONG AS YOU HAVE BSN. The RN is what matters at the end of your 12 hrs. Pushing my soapbox back under my chair....
  12. by   RN In FL
    Oh yeah, I got my ADN, with a BS in Community Health Education!
  13. by   Anoetos

    That tech was an arrogant tool and should not have said that. I am sorry you had to hear it and I hope you said something.