"You Have to Get a BSN by 2020..."

  1. So, just about every hospital I know of is asking their diploma RN's to get a BSN "by 2020".

    When I ask for clarification of this, I am met with a blank stare, including my manager. I work nights, but eventually I will need to stay awake after my shift long enough to call HR and have it clarified. LOL

    But, I'm just wondering, for those of you who are mandated to get your BSN "by 2020", does that mean you need it by January 1st 2020? Or do you have until December 31, 2020?
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  3. by   elkpark
    Since it is individual hospitals requiring this, I would think that the specific deadline would be up to the individual hospital.
  4. by   kameronkendall
    What state are you in?
  5. by   kalyani
    I'm in California (Los Angeles area)
  6. by   kameronkendall
    That may have something to do with it. I'm in Houston, TX. Most hospitals here especially in the Medical Center will not hire you unless you are a BSN. That's not to say that you will not be able to get a job here but, just having an ADN limits your options unless you have years of verifiable work experience and even then some hospitals may try to lowball you on the salary because you are an ADN.
  7. by   nalie2
    I'm in California too and that is not a requirement at the hospital I work for. I would ask HR or ask your manager to get details.
  8. by   mmc51264
    Our hospital will hire an ADN/Diploma nurse with a signed contract that a BSN will be started within the first year. not sure how long one has to finish. I know other area hosp have a 2 year limit to complete it. I'm in NC
  9. by   amoLucia
    Back in the Dark Ages (1974 grad), the phrase was "BSN by 1985".
  10. by   OrganizedChaos
    Well I just got hired as an LVN so I extremely doubt my hospital is going to make any ADNs become BSNs by 2020.
  11. by   Mr_Edwino
    While the timeline on the national scale seems a bit arbitrary to me as well, I will point out that new hire LVNs and ADNs have been phased out of hospitals in Southern California. With that being said, most California hospitals will hire you if you are actively/currently enrolled in a BSN program. I know of 3 LVNs that are back in school in their 40's trying get their bachelor's because of this change. Since national trends tend to go from the coasts inward, it is just a matter of time before this is the standard nationwide. I personally wouldn't put my energy into anything other than a BSN or higher; but if the "step up" transition from LVN/ADN to BSN is the most viable option, by all means a person should do that. There really is no reason not to.
  12. by   tiny_nurse
    The hospitals here will hire ADN RNs with the understanding that they will finish their BSN within 8 or 10 years. Depending on which hospital. It's institutional here, but generally the BSN in 10 rule is key in Central NY.
  13. by   barrelchic
    I know many new grad adns hired into icu in southern California in the last couple of months.. that were not in bsn programs
  14. by   Mr_Edwino
    Quote from barrelchic
    I know many new grad adns hired into icu in southern California in the last couple of months.. that were not in bsn programs
    What is the name of the hospital?
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