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For those who use them, I hope you aren't anymore.

We had one enclosure bed by Vail used by a pt who was on the floor matt every night so an enclosed bed was ordered. The doc adjusted his meds and after three weeks he was quiet and slept all night long and never hardly moved. After a few months I suggested he come out of the bed because he no longer needed it. A lot of people said no because he'd be back on the floor again. Then they came out with the recall and we had to get rid of it. Put him back in the low-bed and he was good the first two nights. The third night it was like he realized he was "free" and went back to his floor diving, but it only lasted one night. Now he's as good as gold. God bless his little soul and the doc for adjusting his meds. :)

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A picture of what they look like:



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We use these beds on a regular basis, believe me, sometimes there is no other alternative, and I myself would rather be in this bed than tied down to a bed, flat on my back in a posey vest.


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One of the BIG things right now is siderail / bed 'entrapment'. Our facility has gotten rid of all the full length siderails, and State is looking to see if facilities are assessing for risk of entrapment / strangulation/ hanging in siderails.

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Zowie!!! It looks like a big crib! I can't imagine our surveyors would ever go for that. We have no more full side rails on our beds...just tiny 1/4 rails that are only good for self repositioning.

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It was also supposed to be the alternative to wrist and ankle restraints at our facility.

Didn't work that way, though.

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I've had a few homecare clients with these- kids with severe seizure disorders so at first glance this was scary, then I thought about it. 30 entrapments/ 8 deaths? I hate to sound flippant but that's a pretty low statistic, I'm sure! Sheer numbers are much lower than Poseys, but I'm sure the overall use was/is also. I've actually never seen one in an LTC only in the hospital for the type of high risk pts- dementia, DTs (I remember my uncle in one), and seizures, that require close, close supervision anyway. Of course every death is a tragedy but I wonder that there can't be a way to make the bed safer before recalling it altogether? Hmmm..interesting...thanks for posting!

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