What are some of the main, and most important reasons people have for going into nursing? What are people's biggest fears about being a nurse?? Thanks for any and all opinions!:redbeathe

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we don't do your homework for you. asking on an online list isn't doing your own research. talk to live people that you can verify as actual nurses for this assignment.

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my main reason for going into nursing is because i really enjoy taking care of others. i love the critical thinking and skills that it takes to be a nurse. nursing for me is also a ministry, i always pray that god blesses me to be a competent and protect my patients.

my worse fear about being a nurse is killing someone due to a mistake on my part or missing something important with a patient.


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This is not a homework assignment...Nurse Lovejoy are people's lives really in the balance in your hands or do you have lots of help?? I can't even imagine how stressfull that would be?!


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NurseLoveJoy pretty much sums it up for me too.

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My adviser thought it would be a good fit.

It was :)


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Agree w/ NurseLoveJoy. I always knew I wanted to be in a nurse.