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Hi everyone,

Well... like my tittle, I'm really scared/nervous about my chances of getting into a BSN/RN program. Actually, everytime I think of my chances I get a little teary eyed. I'm currently enrolled at a community college and I'm having some difficulty trying to balance everything. I just turned 21, and I'm a single mom of a 2 year old, and I also work part-time, and oh yeah... I'm a full-time student lol. Right now I have a 2.9 GPA and I'm skeptical if I have any chance of getting into a nursing program. My question is, have any of you gotten into a nursing program with a transcript that doesnt have all A's and B's?


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Sure did!

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I haven't...I've got some C's in the mix of all my grades. You just have to keep trying but you. I didn't get accepted right away but my persistent paid off. I start the program in May of 2011. Just keep your head up girl.

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Of course you can, and you will!

Each school is different in the points system for admission. The grades are only responsible for so much... standardized testing, county residency, years of clinical experience all account for a good chunk of the points evaluated for admission into the school I am attending. Also if BSN if your goal and the programs around you are highly competitive you can get your "foot in the door" and complete an ASN program first. There are many ASN-BSN bridge options available once you have a nursing degree.

Don't give up!

thanks for the replies. Sometimes I cant help but feel that my chances are slim to none (mostly none though lol). After reading that a lot of the people applying to the same programs i am, have 3.7-4.0 gpa's and did well on their TEAS, it makes me doubt myself.

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Not sure where you live or whether or not you are willing to relocate but if so check out The College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Website is. They do a point system and don't have a billion applicants so you would stand a good chance. Let me know if you have any questions. Don't give up the dream.:)


I hear ya about being a little stressed out over nursing school!! I am 28 years old with an almost 2 year old, another one on the way and I work part time as a surgical dental assistant and oh yeah, I'm going back to school for nursing! So naturally, I'm stressed a lot! I have been getting a lot of crap from some "friends" about going back to school so late but I don't listen to them. Do you know why? Because I am doing this for my family so we can have a better life and I can do something I truly enjoy. Not just go to "work" or to my "job" everyday or have to tell my daughter "no, we can't afford dance classes for you". I know this doesn't answer your question but keep your head up and try to stay sane! We are the true super moms and I know you'll get into an excellent program! Good Luck !!!:nurse:

Yeah I worry as well. I read the posts of those who got into the program last semester and they all had close to 4.0 gpa's and high 90's on their Hesi's. I feel like no matter how many A's I get I won't ever get a good enough gpa to get into the program. With only 40 applicants per semester and it being so competitive now it just seems impossible. I hope you do get in to the program you want, and if nothing else maybe you could take more classes to bring up your GPA. Sorry I'm not much help in this post kinda started venting and couldn't stop :(

I'm really scared too. I have a 2.7 cumulative gpa, but that's because I had a 2.5 gpa after going to a 4-year for 4 quarters before I realized I wasn't ready for that big jump yet. I moved back home and I'm going to community college right now. However, I haven't taken as many classes compared to what I attempted at my old school, my cumulative gpa is at 2.7 :(

I applied to TCU for Fall 2011, and I'm really worried that they won't accept me because of my low gpa. I'm really trying hard to turn myself around though. I have excellent grades in my prerequisites, and I got a 93% composite score on my HESI A2. I also have volunteering experience at 2 different hospitals, and I volunteer for an international exchange student organization (another passion of mine because I was an exchange student in high school).

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